Hello everybody,

I have a german version of Windows 8.1, hence the default input method is german. Additionally I installed a special russian input method. Now I use a program that uses russian characters. In order to make them display correctly, I had to set the language for unicode-incompatible programs to russian. After the restart -when having set this up- 2 new input methods appeared in the language bar. These are English (US), and a default russian layout. I dont want to have those because they only make switching between the input methods I actually use more complicated.
So I have 4 input methods and 2 of them I don't need. However when I enter the language settings in windows, I still only see those 2 languages/input mehtod that I am using. The ones that I don't use, don't show up. In order to delete them I first have to add them, so that they will show up in thte settings and delete them afterwards again. Only that way I can make them disappear in the language bar. But still that does not solve my problem, because after every restart, windows adds these input methods again. How can I get rid of them permanently?