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exe/bat files not found in the path

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    exe/bat files not found in the path

    I have a Lenovo Ideapad s510p running original Windows 8.1. Bought it in May'14.

    The problem is that it's not able to find & run some bat & exe files given in the '%Path'. Whereas it can find some - it can't find some others. So it doesn't run them unless full path is specified.

    This is a big issue. The Path & PATHEXT variables are configured properly.

    Here they are:

    "PATH" user variable: "C:\Users\Mayank\AppData\Roaming\npm\; C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\bin\;"

    "Path" System variable: "C:\Program Files (x86)\iis express\PHP\v5.3;C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\iCLS Client\;C:\Program Files\Intel\iCLS Client\;C:\windows\system32;C:\windows;C:\windows\System32\Wbem;C:\windows\System32\WindowsPowerShel l\v1.0\;C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel(R) Management Engine Components\DAL;C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel(R) Management Engine Components\IPT;C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel(R) Management Engine Components\DAL;C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel(R) Management Engine Components\IPT;C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Web Platform Installer\;;C:\Program Files (x86)\nodejs\;C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\110\Tools\Binn\; %JAVA_HOME%\bin; %GRAILS_HOME%\bin\; C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\bin\;C:\Program Files\Windows NT\Accessories;C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.1\Windows Performance Toolkit\;C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\TypeScript\1.0\;C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\120\Tools\Binn\; C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\bin"

    "PATHEXT" systems variable: ".EXE;.BAT;.CMD;.VBS;.VBE;.JS;.JSE;.WSF;.WSH;.MSC"

    Now for instance the MySql 5.6 binaries are in the path. But I am not able to run them from command prompt without specifying the full path.

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    It might depend upon where you are starting from at the Command Prompt. The default path is C:\Users\logon name> so that would have to be changed to the Folder holding the .exe or .bat file. It's a DOS thing, been around for years. To start type C:\ at the prompt to get back to the root of the drive then start going into the Folder desired, e.g. at C:\> type CD\Users\Mayank\Music to get to that Folder then do a DIR /S to see the files in it sorted by name, subFolders first then back at the prompt type the file name including extension.
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    A few years ago we ( IT dept I was in at the time) found that some bug in java (JRE developer I think it was) caused the path to not function correctly anything in the path after the section was ignored the fix was to place that part of the path at the end of the path statement.

    Look at the location of the files that will not work correctly you may find that everything after a certain path statement does not function, fix is to move the offending path statement to the very end.
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    Why do you have a user and system PATH variable? Get rid of the user path by changing it's name then test, see what happens.
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exe/bat files not found in the path
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