For weeks I have been testing positioning in Win8.1 and Win7sp1 on an pc with a installed HP LT4112 4G/LTE card that support both GPS and Glonass satellites.

In Win7sp1 I can see bot GPS and Glonass satellites with the program VisualGPSView connected to the com-port that gives me NMEA-sentences (satellites data).

Win8.1 doesn't support com-port that gives NMEA-info. The only way to check and see what satellite-data GNSS in Win8.1 gives is to use the tool Sensor Diagnostic tool and choose the GPS-sensor.
But the tool does only show GPS-satellites, not Glonass.

The consequences not supporting and using Glonass support is that a satellite fix (getting your position) takes mutch more time, is not so accurate that it could be with the use of Glonass and in places with pure visibility even can't get the position.
The use of both GPS and Glonass gives approx. the double nbrs. of satellites and covering is mutch better.
But as I have experienced GNSS and/or the Diagnostic Tool doesn't support it.

The difference in Win7sp1 contra Win8.1 is huge. In about the same time I got this result, at the same position.
Win7sp1: 21 satellites in view, 11 in use.
Win8.1 : 11 satellites in view, 5 in use.

Has anyone else tried/search this tema and what have you concluded with?
Have MS forgotten that new GPS modules and GPS devices use both GPS and Glonass satellites?