I've had my PC for a couple years, and just got a laptop. I have the laptop set up for a Microsoft account, but my pc was not linked to it. I have installed aps from the Microsoft store on the PC and never had a problem. The other day, my son wanted a game from the Windows Store. When I went to install it for him it asked to switch to a Microsoft account, so I entered my login I use on my laptop. Then all my settings from the laptop transferred over to the PC, including my favorites from IE. I freaked out a bit, since the PC is the family computer with everything on it, so I did a system restore to the last point, which was the day before this happened. I also found where to turn off the onedrive settings sync. I got the settings back to normal, but the IE favorites were still weird. It had brought over the laptop favorites, but all the PC favorites seemed to be intact. Then I did some research, and thought it actually might be a good idea to sync just the favorites from the PC to my laptop, so I didn't have to recreate them. I set up both the laptop and the PC to only sync the IE favorites. Now all the PC favorites have disappeared! There are select links, but most of the folders and links are gone, including all my husband's work links. Both the PC and laptop favorites are the same. I'm trying a system restore again, but I'm afraid that won't work and I will have lost all these important favorite links. I have now set both the PC and my laptop to not sync any settings, but is there anyway to restore the favorites that were lost on the PC?