I've done some searching and not found a solution to this problem, so...

Whenever my desktop wallpaper changes, explorer hangs and is unresponsive for around 10 seconds or so. I am able to continue using the window that I'm working in at the time, but can't switch windows or use the start menu or taskbar.

I did have a slideshow set to change desktop wallpaper once every 24 hours, but it was changing much more frequently than that, about 4-5 times per day. Perhaps the hanging is not caused by the wallpaper changing, but it causes the wallpaper to change?

Furthermore, I have now set one image as my desktop background, with no slide show and therefore no need to change, but the issue is still occurring,

This is a brand new computer running Windows 8.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions of how to troubleshoot this I would be glad to hear.