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How Microsoft Makes Profits

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post

    You can just upgrade to Windows 8 on a NON-TOUCH system and Microsoft still gets profit. I don't know if you realize, but nothing is being pressured on you.
    And that, Robert, is the idea. Instead of waiting until you buy a new computer to buy a copy of Windows, you'll buy one now. That increases MS's profits.
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    The only reason why tablets and iphones are so "trendy" is not because the consumers asked for them but instead it's because the companies "created" a demand through marketing. They have told you that you NEED that product because it is what the other useless eaters have.

    Sheeple...baaaaa, baaaaa.....
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    Folks, I MIGHT have figured out MS's marketing plan, but it will take more than one post.

    MS has conceded defeat with office desktops. Windows XP remains the most popular OS in the world, and it costs less to keep repairing XP computers than it does to buy new OSes and pay for new software. Vista (which is better than XP IF you have a powerful enough computer) is more popular than every Mac OS combined. And Windows 7, like the other two, pretty well does everything that an office computer needs.

    In other words, there is little that MS can do to improve the Windows systems being used in offices. They have conceded defeat in that area, and your office computer does not need to upgrade to Windows 8.
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    They are not conceding defeat. They completely own that area, they are declaring victory actually. They are declaring that they can no do anything and it won't affect their 500-600 million desktop seat licenses at all.

    What they are trying to do is get into growth areas that they are completely missing in and they are /using/ that desktop market dominance to get people into it. Since they couldn't do it "Naturally" they are going to use Windows desktop users and Windows 8 as a giant shoehorn to push people into a windows portable universe by making your desktop look and act like one.

    It's either completely brilliant or completely insane.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FSeal View Post
    It's either completely brilliant or completely insane.
    Gotta agree with that, only time will tell.
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    Windows 8 does not require any new hardware to run it than did Windows 7 or Vista. In fact, Windows 8 uses fewer resources than Windows 7 and runs better on older hardware. The only "new" feature that might require new hardware is touch screens, but you don't need a touch screen to use Windows 8.

    Having said that, most people do not upgrade their OS. Ever. They upgrade their OS by buying a new computer. That's just the way it works for 99.9% of users. The upgrade market is very small for Microsoft.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vince53 View Post
    Windows XP remains the most popular OS in the world
    I'm not sure where you got that information. According to Wikipedia, Windows 7 is the most popular. It also says that Vista is less popular than MacOS X.

    Usage share of operating systems - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vince53 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post

    You can just upgrade to Windows 8 on a NON-TOUCH system and Microsoft still gets profit. I don't know if you realize, but nothing is being pressured on you.
    And that, Robert, is the idea. Instead of waiting until you buy a new computer to buy a copy of Windows, you'll buy one now. That increases MS's profits.
    Hi there
    Profits are generated by ANY corporation on this planet selling a product (or parts of a product) for less than they paid for the material to produce the product and the cost of developing it (plus extraneous distribution costs etc).

    There really isn't a conspiracy theory here.

    Ms on the whole is an exceedingly well run company producing viable products and has in most of its major offices around the world decent facilities a lot of other people would sell their souls for.

    It's not the "Evil Empire" at all -- in fact if you look how open it is with 3rd party hardware suppliers you'll soon realize that perhaps a lot of this type of criticism should be directed at Apple instead.

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    To be honest although Microsoft does get attacked I don't think everyone is in love with Apple. I still remember in school when I read about the iPad people were saying how it was like a bigger iPhone and there were a lot of critiques. But let's face it everyone wants money. Whether it's Microsoft or Apple or Google. Microsoft needs to break into these new growing markets. The tablet was there before the iPad just that there wasn't enough marketing or development for that market until the iPad was released where they were able to tap into a market for that product. Microsoft was able to saturate the desktop market because they allowed people to use their software on different hardware whereas Mac kept all these choices to themselves. There is advantages and disadvantages to this of course. The reason for windows 8 to have the whole touch based mobile side was they needed a tablet operating system. They had a phone version that they needed to be expanded into use for tablet. They are trying to capture the mobile market in phones and tablet. Overall I don't think Microsoft is any more worse than Apple as they are both trying to make money. In the end as long as they create a good product and have good marketing they will sell. Microsoft just needs a better marketing department and maybe a better design department but they have the other necessary resources to create a good product.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMan View Post
    Yeah, I always say how dumb it seems to spend all that money on Apple hardware when it cost so much compared to the equivalent pc hardware.

    Eh...there are good companies and bad. For instance, along the lines of what you're is extremely easy to make your average incandescent light bulb last a whole century or longer. They artificially shorten their lives so you, I and everyone else that buys them have to keep replacing them.

    YouTube has videos about it and related facts. There's even a firehouse that has a bulb going non-stop since 1901, when the bulb was made before the conspiracy began in 1924: Longest Burning Light Bulb | At 107, still a real live wire - Los Angeles Times

    light bulb conspiracy - YouTube

    So no, MS is not alone.

    Specific video about iPods, bulbs and planned obsolescence:

    20,000 hour 60W bulb, 560 lumens:

    LT 60A19/FR/20M 120V #L128A #L-128A | LITETRONICS | Incandescent

    1000 hour 60W bulb, 850 lumens:

    OS 60A/W/RP 120V #11208 | OSRAM SYLVANIA | Incandescent

    It's easy to make incandescent bulbs last for a long time, as long as you don't care about efficency. (The 1000 hour lamp above is about 1.5X as efficient as the 20k hour one.)
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How Microsoft Makes Profits
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