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Windows 8.1 Search Index Rebuild Question

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    Windows 8.1 Search Index Rebuild Question

    Windows 8.1 Desktop
    As far as I know, I am not missing anything when I search using Windows Search. However I am suspicious of something. When I go to Control Panel| Indexing Options| Advanced| Rebuild, I am expecting the Index to reset to zero and begin rebuilding; and one should be able to observe the rebuilding process as the number of items indexed increments while the rebuild is in progress. Then, when it finishes you would see "Indexing complete". This is the behavior I have observed for years when I had my Vista system. However, with this 8.1 system, the Rebuild command seems to have no effect: the number of items indexed stays the same and the "Indexing complete" line just stays as it is. I am aware of the fast vs. slow rebuild speed, and when I was using the system under Vista, I would get the (expected) 'Indexing is slow due to system activity" or words to that effect. Now, with 8.1 I do not see this. Even if I keep my hands off the mouse and keyboard for several minutes, the number of items indexed stays put. It is almost as if 8.1 is rebuilding the index 'in the background' without announcing its progress.

    As I say, I 'think' I am finding all I need to when searching, but I am wondering if there is stuff missing that I am not aware of. Probably sounds a little weird to complain if my searches seem to work fine, but the apparent lack of visible rebuild activity has me perplexed.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!

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    Indexing runs only while the system is idle. If you are using it the computer to perform any other tasks, Windows pauses that process until the next idle period.
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    Quote Originally Posted by broe23 View Post
    Indexing runs only while the system is idle. If you are using it the computer to perform any other tasks, Windows pauses that process until the next idle period.
    I think I understand what you said. However, while the index is rebuilding, one normally sees the phrase 'Indexing is slow due to user activity" in the Indexing Options window. This phrase does not appear for me after I have clicked Rebuild. That is the mystery to me.

    Aha, I just went to Task Manager and clicked End Task for Microsoft Windows Search Indexer and then clicked Rebuild on the Indexer and voila' it started indexing again. I will let it finish and see what I have. Thanks.
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    It finished rebuilding the index with about the same number of items as before I had it Rebuild. Not totally sure what went on there, but seems fine now. Thanks again.
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Windows 8.1 Search Index Rebuild Question
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