First, system specs.
Acer aspire v11 touch V3-112P-C2QQ
intel celeron N2840
intel hd graphics
4GB DDR3 memory
Running windows 8.1
This is my wife's laptop so i have very little to do with it apart from when it needs fixing -_-

On powering on it shows the 'ACER' logo with the little spinning graphic below. This shows for an abnormally long time.
It then briefly shows the " your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart" blue screen before restarting.

On restart it shows the ACER logo again with "Prepairing Automatic Repair" below that for a few seconds then goes to a black screen.

The black screen is the last thing you get and that's it. I left it there over night with no result.

I created a Bootable USB from the microsoft website (laptop has no optical drive) and going into the BIOS, changed the boot order to use the usb first, however that only got me as far as the ACER with spinning graphic screen before going black.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have two short videos of the screens described if that would assist.