hello there

i have a home theatre pc - which had windows 7 on it. i used a program called eventghost to turn my ps3 blutooth remote control presses in to commands the pc understood, i was able to control windows media center, xbmc(kodi) and powerdvd. i was able to stop the windows 7 screensaver with a button that emulated moving the mouse and double clicking.

i have installed windows 8 and i don't like the screensaver very much - it doesn't matter what i try i cannot get my remote control to stop the screensaver. also when the screensaver is on i can start my three programs - xbmc, wmc and powerdvd they load behind the screensaver and i can start a video and it plays behind the screensaver - this does not seem normal behaviour?

the only way i can turn the screensaver off is using a physical keyboard - but i don't want to do this - we have been using the home theatre pc for years with just the one remote control.

i have a plasma screen and i don't want to leave the screensaver off - i did manage to get windows to turn off the screen and the remote control turned it back on (i don't want to turn off the screen)

does anybody know why i could turn the screensaver off on windows 7 but not windows 8 and why does my videos play behind the screensaver - the screensaver should turn off automatically

thank you