I am trying to factory reset my HP Zbook 15 running Windows 8, with no success.

As the laptop is unable to boot normally, I created a recovery USB using an other laptop that runs Windows 8. It was my intention to use this recovery USB in order to factory reset the laptop - I am able to get the recovery USB working.

As the recovery USB works, I am able to select the option to "Reset my PC". Clicking that option, and choosing to delete all personal files, the laptop starts the process of "Resetting my PC".

However, when the process reaches about 70% to 80%, the laptop reboots and shows nothing but a black screen with the HP logo on it. I have once waited to see whether it would boot eventually, but after waiting 4 hours it was still stuck on the black screen with the HP logo on it.

As the process of factory resetting my laptop keeps failing, I started searching the internet for solutions. One possible solution was to execute the following commands in the command prompt:

- ren system system.001
- ren software software.001


- bootrec /FixMbr
- bootrec /FixBoot
- bootrec /RebuildBCD

Unfortunately, the factory reset process keeps failing after about 70% to 80%, after which it still reboots and shows nothing but the black screen with the HP logo.

The memory tests and hard drive tests simply pass, and as the laptop was working before factory resetting, I am almost entirely certain that the hard drive is not broken.

Refreshing the PC instead of resetting it results into the same failure. Automatic Repair also fails, giving an error related to "srttrail.txt".

At this point, I am really clueless as to what I should do next. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.