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Windows 8 is awesome!

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    8 is awesome!

    3D tiles are new.
    APPS are new.
    Charms Bar is new.
    The Menu Ribbon is new.
    No Orb is new.
    The task manager is newer.
    New Winkey links.
    The explorer shell is new.
    The metro Internet Explorer is new.
    8 supports animated wallpapers.

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    MS will be pleased - somebody who likes their new offering.
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    Once upon a time, When a new version of Windows appeared, shells and skins were released by 3rd party modders to make your Old Windows version desktop emulate the look and feel of the new one.

    Now it is the other way around.

    Is anyone offering a "Make your Windows 7 look like Windows 8"? "Metro UI for Vista"? "Windows 8 desktop for XP", anyone?

    I don't think so.
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    I like where Windows 8 is going. I am hopeful the CP is not the finished product, there are some little things that make it a little difficult to figure out. Metro gets a thumbs up for me. You need an easy and transparent UI from your phone, tablet to PC. You can like it or hate it but at least they didn't rip off Xerox or Apple this time.

    For me, Windows 7 / Start Menu is stale. IF you don't like Metro than you are likely a builder or techie and in that case, you might as well go Linux and build your own OS. I am a techie and I work in the industry for a major manufacturer. I am grateful for this as I am hopeful it will bring some shine back to the PC. Do I want less command line? No. But I get where it's going and if the PC is going to be relevant, it needs to bridge the gap to the touch devices we are using.

    I used Windows based tablets in the late 90's (NEC) and in the 00's with the HP TC1100 and the Samsung Series 7 slate with Windows 8 is by far the best slate I have ever used. I do wish for a couple of more controls when running Win7, but Win8 doesn't require me to need them.
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    There are things that need improvements, but this is pretty much a beta build.

    As for making "vista to metro UI" or "tiles for Windows 7," there are already skins out there. I had one running last summer when Microsoft first unveiled Windows 8 and Start Screen.
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    Yes, there are one or two of those skins around.

    Not exactly a huge uptake, though.

    I expect what will be much more popular will be start menu replacements - that has to tell you something.

    You posted previously you had difficulty believing win8 is not popular .

    Try googling windows 8 sucks - see how many hits you get. ( About 36,100,000 results ).

    That does not include Windows 8 is c**p, windows 8 is s**t,etc.

    Neither does it include Metro sucks, Metro is c**p, Metro is s**t, etc.

    That has to tell you something.

    I am sorry to say it is not popular to put it mildly.

    Of course, those who have tried it are not Joe public - by definition those who d/l and install an iso are a touch beyond the average user.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    That does not include Windows 8 is c**p, windows 8 is s**t,etc.
    After I installed the DP, I uninstalled it in the same first day. Luckily for me as I almost always just upgrade and go right at it - this time I did install on a separate HDD.

    That same day I kept Googling your quote and many things like it lol.

    When CP was released, I figured then - ehhh why not, I have some space - so that's where I'm at now with the OSes in my specs. Ubuntu is a different machine.
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    I wouldn't pin search results on negative feedback towards Windows 8 as being the main basis of lack of popularity. Windows 8 isn't at retail stage yet, where the average joe will encounter it.

    Times are different. When Windows 7 was in beta and word spead that it was VASTLY better performance wise over vista, of course interest would be high. An end to a tyrant OS was at an end. Now, Windows 7 is rocking solid and most people won't see much need to upgrade since their PCs are still probably running OK for them. Windows 7 doesn't have security issues or performance issues as past version had.

    I think uptake of Windows 8 will be like of xp, initially it wasn't a hit, but after some time it was. I think when people will see Windows 8 themselves, they might just set it aside as meh. But when word of mouth reviews by friends and relatives claim positive things, or maybe negative things, people will might want to switch. It's new, it's different. It's unlike before. Some people like that.
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    I never understood the bad vibes about Vista - it always worked great for me- I really liked it.

    But I was not so blinkered that I couldn't see it was pretty unpopular.
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    I am well aware of the unpopularity of Windows.
    Windows has been afflicted with issues since its birth in a garage.

    I was a user of all Windows products starting with DOS, Windows 3, followed by Windows 3.1, etc.....
    I suspect most of the contributors of this forum are as well.

    Windows has a long history....

    If anyone can suggest a computer operating system that is as flexible as Windows but not as proprietary as Apple, please...
    Any version of Linux has its own issues.

    I was a programmer for years that has spent thousands of hours coding in many languages, including assembler, C++, Pascal, COBOL, Basic, and others...
    I was certified by Microsoft to fix things.
    And now I choose to be retired.

    I know what is involved in successfully compiling useful software.
    It is almost unreal to expect compatibility with millions of hardware components.
    The chips and systems are evolving and always changing.
    It is almost impossible to keep up to date.

    Now, I use 8 as a communication and entertainment appliance.
    I am satisfied and happy with some of the new stuff, like SSD's and SATA III and mega ram.
    Stay away from magnets.
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Windows 8 is awesome!
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