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Computer only booting to Black Screen

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    Computer only booting to Black Screen

    Hi, I hoping that somebody can help me with the problem i have.

    It all started yesterday when i turned my computer on and signed in to my normal account. This then sent me to a tempory account desktop. I did some research on this and apparntly my user profile had become corrupt.

    I ran SFC /Scannow in the command window as adminstrator, the results told me files were corrupt and could not be fixed. I tried this again 3-4 times as i had read that this may take a few times to fix. This didnt work.

    I then tried to create a new account which i did and copy the contents of the brokwen user profile to the new user profile. this is when i found the Desktop folder would not move because it was corrupt.

    I have items that i had saved to my desktop which i really need and wouldnt mind formatting the drive if need be but i need to get the files but the desktop was corrupt so couldnt get in the folder.

    I looked to try and restore to a previouse day incase it was an update that made this happen but i have no restore points which i thought was odd as this should create them after each update ?

    At this point this tempory account would not search and did not have inter internet connections of apps it was just very basic.
    I then ran the line in the command window to look online to get uptodate fixes cant remeber excatly what it was, something like /online /restorehealth

    This completed and i then ran sfc /scannow again which again said files are corrupt unable to fix.

    I restarted my machine to see if this would help, It then came up with the logo and said scanning and repairing C:\ i left this to do its thing, it then restarted the windows 8 logo appeared as expected and then it went to a black screen with my mouse cursor movable on the screen. I am unable to login and i have nothing on the screen just a cursor.

    I tried to boot in safe mode by pressing F8 but i have a UEFI mothere board to this doesnt work it just asks me to select my bootable drive.

    I really stuck on what to do, I had items that i had saved to my desktop which i really need and wouldnt mind formatting the drive if need be but i need to get the files but the desktop was corrupt so couldnt get in the folder.

    If anybody needs more info to help me please ask and i will post this. Hope to here from you all soon.

    Many Thanks in Advance

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    I can't help with the black screen.
    Maybe someone here can.

    I can offer advice you can use in the future to fix a situation like this.

    I use Macrium Reflect - {Standard version} to make images of my OS.

    If something goes wrong that I can't fix, I'll insert my USB image & restore my computer to the date of when the image was made.
    All fixed.

    I keep updating the images.
    Especially after installing Windows Updates.

    A link---

    Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download

    Having a backup image to restore to is nice.

    Format a usb drive as NTFS & not Fat 32 so you get 1 big image file instead of a bunch of 4 GB files.

    Good luck in the future.
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    Thank you got your post David I'll be sure to do this
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    download windows 8.1 SE (link in sig below) it is an ISO that you can burn to make a bootable cd/dvd or copy the iso contents to make a bootable usb.

    Once you boot from the media into memory (Drive X) - you will have access to everything on your disk at which point you can copy the files elsewhere - even back to usb drive letter Y
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    Hi Kyhi thanks for the responce. Ill give this a try, if i am able to get to the Desktop folder with the user folder and this is still corrupt can you recommend and free tools for recovery of my files from the corrupt folder ?
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Computer only booting to Black Screen
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