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Any way to get Hyper-v for 8.1 core?

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    2 questions:

    Can I really get a preview version of Win 10 enterprise, even though I only have 8.1 core?

    How difficult would setting up a dual-boot (8.1 core/ 10 enterprise preview) be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yu gnomi View Post
    2 questions:

    Can I really get a preview version of Win 10 pro, even though I only have 8.1 core?

    How difficult would setting up a dual-boot (8.1 core/ 10 pro preview) be?

    Hi there

    ALL preview W10 versions are 100% FREE whatever OS you are running - even Non Windows. !!.
    Dual boot shouldn't be a problem either. I'm not fond of dual boot because I find Virtual machine performance is so good these days as not to be needed but there's no problem generally. Install the second OS OS on to a different HDD is probably the easiest and then boot in BIOS. Otherwise generally there doesn't appear to be any problem with "standard" dual boot with the OS's on different partitions on the same HDD.

    W10 Forums have plenty of help - select the NEWS option to get the W10 download links.

    Windows 10 Forums

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    Thank you very much. This seems very promising, and I will definitely check it out.
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    I have installed Win 10 Enterprise preview to space I freed up on my HDD. I am currently installing Visual Studio (again) as I was unable to launch the previous copy (which is still on my SSD).

    I can no longer boot into Win 8.1, and I don't know why. I was hoping to dual boot, but my computer just ignores my Win 8.1 installation. I can't seem to find an option to boot off of my SSD in Bios. I downloaded easy BCD, and added an option to boot from my SSD, but the option is useless.

    Any help?
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Any way to get Hyper-v for 8.1 core?
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