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multiple instances of explorer.exe, high cpu usage

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    multiple instances of explorer.exe, high cpu usage

    Ever since I have installed windows 8.1 on one of my computers I have been having problems with multiple instances of windows explorer.exe running, some instances using around 35% of my cpu.

    Computer gets so slow sometimes that I have to go into task manager and close down all the instances of explorer.exe especially the ones using up to 35% of my cpu.

    I run clean computers, anti-virus, malware detection etc, never finds anything.

    I have one theory, I have installed a registry edit so one can copy and move files by right clicking in explorer. could this edit be causing my problems?

    any help would be appreciated.


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    well, just from a troubleshooting standpoint and logic by subtracting one factor at a time, it is definitely something you installed as I just pointed out in another posting here, - Windows freshly installed out of the box does not have these kinds of symptoms and problems.. so i'm guessing it is something installed..

    time for clean boot and disable startup/services related to that program and others for troubleshooting to see what it is..
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    Several times a day, I have two or more explorer.EXEs running a controlled amok within my Windows 7. I miss the old File Manager! Anyway, I'm often copying or moving files from one place to another. I am careful to close any un-needed explorer sessions, lest I be smitten with the sllloooww-down curse. Brooksndun makes a great point -- see what doohickies you have REGistered into explorer [right-click menu], maybe time to clean out some things. Normally, the copy to and move to right-clicks are not a problem, too many thingies, too many open explorer sessions -- often can and will cause problems.
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multiple instances of explorer.exe, high cpu usage
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