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How does Microsoft choose the Username based on the email?

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    How does Microsoft choose the Username based on the email?

    Hello, I tried googling this everywhere and the question is driving me insane, I couldn;t find anything.

    Let's say my name is Mario Rossi, and my account is marcoros outlook com.

    Now, when I make a new installation and connect it directly to windows, it creates a C:\user\marco .

    Why the hell NOT marcoros? Why does it cut the username to 5 letters in my case? And not even take my First Name. It just cuts a piece of e-mail address and leaves it to make no sense ( because in my case its not marco which still would make sense, i would want it to be marcoros )

    Is there a way to change this by default so that when i make an installation i get the name like that? In the account options, somewhere?
    Or i have to make local account > marcoros > connect to marcoros outlook account?

    Please help me, this thing is really stupid IMHO with no logic, i may have missed something so i am the stupid one, but thats why im here to ask.

    THANKS EVERYONE. Hope i was clear enough with my example.

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    You can choose your own username. You do have to use a Microsoft Live account when first setting up Windows 8.
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    Quote Originally Posted by broe23 View Post
    You can choose your own username. You do have to use a Microsoft Live account when first setting up Windows 8.
    True. But to choose your own short name (as it appears under C:\Users) you have to make a local account first. The OP is correct I think the cut-off is 5 letters. For instance my name (Adam) is always created as Adam if I create it with a MS or local account.

    My wife and son who are stuck with 6 character names (in real life) end up with xxxxx_0001 if created as a MS account. If however I create them as local accounts I can then change them to MS accounts with no problem. So I do.

    You could change names theoretically (see here - User Profile Folder - Change User Account Folder Name - Windows 7 Help Forums) but I think it is quicker to delete the account and create a local account with the correct name. Then convert it to a MS account if you want to.
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    I always figured it used what I entered for my first name in my Live ID info. For me It's Kerry with a capital K. If it had picked it off of my email address it would be kerry with a lower case k. Unless it automatically capitalizes the first letter?
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    Hello YopMail, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    This would be the "display name" for your Microsoft account. It can be changed anytime you like though.

    Microsoft Account Display Name - Change - Windows 7 Help Forums
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How does Microsoft choose the Username based on the email?
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