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Preview Pane not showing full picture

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    Preview Pane not showing full picture

    Most of my pictures do not show up fully in the preview pane. Sometimes they show up completely, but usually they only load a sliver of the picture and the rest of the preview is a solid color. See the picture for examples. Format and size don't seem to have any effect on the issue, sometimes 36mp images load fine, sometimes 1mp images only load the top few rows of pixels... There doesn't seem to be much method to the madness, even the same picture will load fully or partially when I click back and forth to it. I always have plenty of memory, CPU and graphics power to display the images, it doesn't matter if I'm running one monitor or 2, explorer only or a bunch of other programs as well. Click image for larger versionClick image for larger version

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    This problem i do not think is related to Windows, as images to left show fine as thumbnails, be only settings i can think of checking in Windows would be due to icons or thumbnails in folder options.

    Question, did try this in Windows Photo viewer or do you have any other image viewers, Photoshop program ? You say a bunch of others programs, this what you meant ? Only other guesses would be due to if using dual monitors, settings there or graphics card issues. Besides other graphics, how is graphics card running, are the drivers up to date ? Unless this is in anyway related to the pictures themselves. Also if i look close i believe see some thumbnails to left did not completely open ans is this coming from an external device, if so, what type, HDD, flash drive ? Could be slow response, if hard drive run defrag and error checking.
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Preview Pane not showing full picture
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