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New install 8.1 freezing/locking up after login.

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    And thats interesting to know you have the m500.. I was actually considering getting one of the crucial SSD's since they seem to perform well and be cheap!..

    but I guess I should stay with Samsung as they seem to have figured out the heat and performace.. but who doesn't want to save money..

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    Windows 8.1 x64

    Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    I have been building my own pc's for years now.

    I had an amd phenom 2 system that I had running for a few years. Just recently I purchased a z97 Motherboard, i7 4790k, EVGA 850w PSU and m500 ssd to upgrade this system.

    No it is not upgraded Windows. It was a FRESH install on the ssd. Also, during install, I disconnected my other drives. The older Seagate 500gb drive I used as system drive when my amd was running, I wiped clean. I kept my current ddr3-1333 gskill ram as I do not need any other at this time.

    Hope this makes sense.

    I had been recommended the m500 from a Canadian computer forum as I was orginally going to go with a kingston. This is my first ssd purchase.
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    seems like a nice board. though I don't know why motherboards support all this superspeed transfer crap when nothing we buy even goes that fast.. (hard drives/ram/ etc.. ) we just keep paying for crap we never can actually achieve. But I understand, it's fun.
    need real speed?

    Intel® Solid-State Drive DC P3700 Series - 2000GB - HHHL AIC Form Factor - Part ID: SSDPEDMD020T401 - Storage - Colfax Direct
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    Windows 8.1 x64

    Yes I have seen that before. Wowza!

    To be more specific its a Gigabyte z97x-gaming 3. Im glad you're not so confused any more
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    yes, well, regardless you seem to be doing custom builds.. and you should absolutely not be seeing issues like that with that board..

    here is my startup in under 17 seconds.. from a laptop too ha. And notice all the programs I have!? I never had a slow-down.. and I don't have a asus motherboard.. so it's time for you to figure that out. You should absolutely not have to deal with that.
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    win8.1.1 enterprise

    got a spare HDD around ,to load windows on and see if issue continues
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    Windows 8.1 x64

    Unfortunately I do not, as I using my extra one as a storage drive.

    Lucky, its been days since I have has an issue. Hard to believe its defective hardware but this has been the toughest to figure out.
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    Windows 8.1 x64

    Just wanted to mention the since using auto login I have not had a single issue.
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New install 8.1 freezing/locking up after login.
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