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New install 8.1 freezing/locking up after login.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alphanumeric View Post
    Something else you can try as a test is to turn off Windows fast startup, Fast Startup - Turn On or Off in Windows 8, just in case its a sleep or hibernate issue. The first boot up may be from the hybrid sleep mode and the second one from a cold start.
    I just did disable the fast start up option but its also says in brackets restart unaffected which has happened a couple times after restarting. Im going to check that link caperjack listed and will report back.

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    So this issue lies somewhere involving start-up and not every time. Im not really sure where to start trouble shooting. Iv had this copy of 8.1 on another pc before and was fine.
    First, Go back to Gigabyte website and look/search for diagnostic software from gigabyte.. usually these big companies have some diagnostic software to test your cpu/motherboard/ram/videocard..

    Second , Have you even begun to start with all the regular windows care?

    -Run Chkdsk
    -Run Sfc /scannow
    -Run DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

    Have you done a "clean boot" listed on this forum through a tutorial?

    I can start posting links if you dont know how to do these..? have you dont these even yet?
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    Everything but the 3rd line you have listed there.
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    so the sfc/scan now had no errors? and dism worked and no errors??

    basically the more programs you have running in the background can cause more conflicts.. so you want a "clean" start and then know exactly what you've installed and is running on your computer if you want to stop Locks/freezes..

    as for "fast startup", always just disable the hibernate feature which disables fast startup. (Hibernate is just another way for windows to cause conflict with itself and how many people across the internet have said "after waking up from sleep/hibernate my computer is acting weird/slow error..." )

    -dont use hibernate

    4. To Disable Hibernate
    NOTE: This step will disable hibernation, delete the hiberfil.sys file, and remove the Allow hybrid sleep and Hibernate after Power Options under Sleep. This will also disable fast startup in Windows 8.
    A)In the elevated command prompt, copy and paste the command below, and press Enter. (see screenshot below)
    powercfg -h off

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    For a couple days I was fine but today it happened. I managed to capture a short video of an example of what I experience. 1 or 2 restarts later I can log in fine.

    Freezing at Login. - YouTube
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    I just got back from a trip to New York.. what a great time. Went to the absolute best places and most expensive..

    anyway, - I saw your video and just couldn't help but laugh. I'm sorry you have this problem but yes I see you have a huge issue. It's either drivers or an interesting hardware malfunction..

    So I don't remember if you have done a full backup of your important files you want to save (and bookmarks for internet!) - but if you haven't saved/backup your files do that now if you even can..

    Have you seen this after a clean boot? safe boot? have you done those?

    have you seen this before a fresh installation of windows? have you ever done a fresh reinstall? or "reset" "refresh" windows??

    I think your problems will require a clean install.. but you need to try the clean boot and safe boots first to see if you get that same slowness frozen state..

    remember the more programs you use and put on like that Temperature program that is detecting your temp could even cause this.. so you need to try a clean boot with nothing running but pure windows ..

    that way you will see if windows and your hardware is the problem..

    for example your ram stick could be bad.. one way to figure that out would be to take 1 ram stick out.. and then see if it does that..

    well, what are you going to do?
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    Yes, Newyork is a wonderful city. I suggest Boston and Chicago as well. Laugh all you want. Its so weird its funny. lol

    I turned on automatic login so I skip the password process as I think the longer windows stays on the login screen the more of a chance I have to run into this problem. It has been fine for a few days now. I need to find the time to continuous clean boots one after another, as this is not a every restart problem.

    I was hoping not to have to do a fresh install, but I may just have to if the problem persists. Has only been a few weeks since installing it. Going to run memtest as well.
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    I have been to all cities you mentioned and even lived in Boston for 4+ years..


    it's nothing to do with your login.. only a virus would cause issues similar but I don't think you have a virus.. unless you aren't telling it all and what you recently downloaded and/or clicked from the internet..

    my god man.. you havent run memtest yet? you also probably haven't even done the dism commands either right? and all the normal troubleshooting steps?

    I do understand it's a bit of a difficult situation as apparently your problem doesn't happen every time.. but still think of it this way,

    billions of other computer users don't have that problem you have.. and that the normal standard everyday computer with windows on it freshly bought from the store or wherever, does not do that.. and only i mean only until people start installing programs and installing new devices, changing settings.. then you get issues like yours..

    Now, having said that, if you were to really have this problem from the time you just bought your computer that means only 1 thing and 1 thing only.. damaged hardware.. physical or electrical damage.. Ram, motherboard, wires inside, power supply, you get it yeah? even something like you changed out the hard drive for a new one and that could cause conflict etc..

    I personally would never allow my computer to ever have a situation like I saw in your video - because it would bother me so much and annoy me.. and You know deep down in your heart, that is definitely not the standard windows running as designed and again, with 10 millions+ other users not having that issue..

    unfortunately only a clean reinstall (done correctly) should show you if that was just a software issue etc.. (as in after you clean install, don't install those specific programs you had before.. like that temperature one.. other programs you of course have to use like whatever you really need to use.. but you can substitute other temperature or hardware sensor programs like that.
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    I did do all the scans that you mentioned in the earlier posts and they all came back clean. Memtest and some more clean boots im going to try.

    Trust me, when I have a computer problem, I can be up all day and night trying to fix it and nothing else in my life matters. But, its been so intermittent and when its logged in the computer is fine. No crashes, freezes, lock ups ect. Its not a virus for sure. I haven't had one in years. I have been running W7 for years up until this upgrade.

    From doing a bit a researching, I am suspecting it may be my m500 ssd, something with encryption but just a thought. I know it has the current firmware installed already. The crucial forums unfortunately have been pretty useless. Im going run a few more tests anyway and see. The 8gigs of memory (4x2gb sticks) are from my current computer before I upgraded the new board/cpu.
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    I have been running W7 for years up until this upgrade.
    The 8gigs of memory (4x2gb sticks) are from my current computer before I upgraded the new board/cpu.
    these quotes scare the heck out of me.. Am I understanding correctly that :

    1. you may have upgraded your windows and not clean installed it? or am i just misunderstanding?

    2. you are using devices (hard drive changed) and ram from an old computer before?

    So this isn't a store bought fresh computer then is it? you kinda custom made it?

    or am I totally off here?
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New install 8.1 freezing/locking up after login.
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