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Disable all Windows log file writes to SSD

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    AAh! I just wanted a secondary drive to not make a bunch of writes to it! (the only writes it should be doing is writing whatever it needs to for whatever games/internet i'm using it for) Ok, fine NTFS has to log, fine..

    What about Ex-FAT?! haha!

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    The writes involved with journaling are minimal. They are just a few notes the file system makes before updating the file system. This way if anything should go wrong, such as an improper shutdown, the system can usually be returned to a consistent state. Usually the errors are repaired without the user even being aware there was a problem. In simpler file systems like FAT such errors could have serious consequences.

    NTFS has always done this and it occurs on all NTFS drives, including secondary drives. Other advanced file systems, such as in Linux, do something similar.

    It is a small price to pay for the improved reliability. It cannot be disabled.
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    Yes, ok NTFS has to log. It's fine. I just wanted my gaming/internet hard drive to only write when I play games/use interenet. not to log when my power loss happens and my computer shuts down and i need to get back to "gaming"..

    I was going to make the 2nd hard drive Ex-fat , but even some games/applications don't allow you to use ex-fat they want NTFS.. so either way i'm forced with NTFS..

    ok, start logging that i installed Call of Duty so it can put it back if there is a failure.. ha.

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Disable all Windows log file writes to SSD
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