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'Trade Show' Mode? Limit public use to one program, etc.

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    'Trade Show' Mode? Limit public use to one program, etc.

    Hello! So I am coming up on an event where I run a booth, and I need to run a Google Docs poll from my personal computer to collect information. I'd like to not have to monitor my computer while this is happening, but still allow people to come up and enter their information. Is there either a Windows option or a program I can run that will allow me to only run, say, IE with the poll open and then require an administrator password to exit back to the desktop? Any help or direction is appreciated, thanks!

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    Hello Cmyers, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    You might give Assigned Access with Internet Explorer as the selected app a play with to see if it may work for you for this.

    Assigned Access - Setup for Account in Windows 8.1
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    Some browsers have what's called "kiosk mode" for what you want to do. Don't know about IE as I don't use it.
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    And if can't do the above in control panel go to Family safety and set up a child account and it let's you limit program/internet access. It's also a great tool to keep computer beginners/non-geeks from breaking something after you set their PC up.

    Family Safety - Setup and Use in Windows 8
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    Quote Originally Posted by md2lgyk View Post
    Some browsers have what's called "kiosk mode" for what you want to do. Don't know about IE as I don't use it.
    Hi there.

    Kiosk mode is definitely the way to go --this essentially locks the application into FULL SCREEN MODE and doesn't give any access to other programs / features on the laptop. No need for users to sign in either although you might have to design some type of screen with a form in it if you want to collect more than just basic data.

    This should start you off.

    How to use Kiosk Mode in Microsoft Internet Explorer

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    never heard of this mode so of course I had to try it ,kiosk mode worked fine till I hit ctrl=n ,it open a new windows but my taskbar also showed then ,I then access to the rest of my computer .
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    You have to use Kiosk software in conjunction. I would use a dedicated tablet instead of laptop for this. You can easily lock down an Android tablet to allow people not to be able to access the rest of the tablet.
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    Thanks everyone for the help! All the answers were great, but what helped me most was Kiosk mode. Since I wasn't running an app but rather a webpage form, it ended up being better than Assigned Access. For future reference, if you have a web app there is a way for Chrome to run that via a special service they had set up. What I ended up doing was:

    - Create a new shortcut for chrome
    - Right click and go to Properties
    - After the text in the 'Target' box, I entered "--kiosk [url]"
    - Next, exit out of background apps (if applicable) by right-clicking them in your taskbar
    - Select your shortcut and you should be good to go!
    - After you're done, make sure you re-close any background apps, otherwise it'll keep opening things in Kiosk mode

    Thanks again everyone, Thread closed!
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'Trade Show' Mode? Limit public use to one program, etc.
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