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Having a lot of issues with windows 8. (audio/video/more)

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    Any particular program sticking out I should remove??

    Also, Is it true I can take a old copy of w7 from one of my laptops and use it's product key to install w7 on my new desktop? It seems like I should be able too...

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    Windows 8.1

    Looks like I have fixed my audio lag issue. I changed the settings in Intel Rapid Storage Tech, to not go into power saving mode and the audio instantly synced.
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    these are my opinions so research as well if you want and find the truth yourself - but i already have gone through this so do what you want.

    My recommended programs to remove:

    -nvidia 3d vision (do you use 3d glasses when using your computer??)
    -nvidia hd audio driver -(what hd audio are you even using when you use your gpu??)
    -dell product registration (remove ONLY if you are not/or already have registered)
    -dell backup and recovery (use macrium or any other program listed on
    --(need to google dell wlan and bluetooth) -(see if that is required and how to use it..)
    -search google for "my dell client framework" - (remove if you research a ton of it and it says not needed, -but i will tell you this, you only should be using microsoft's framework.. who cares about dell haha)

    - intel rapid storage tech (Has anyone ever had a good situation with this? its like guinea pig testing to me.. and all i've read is users reporting issues like freezes, lockups, who knows.. just remove if i were you..BUT Google how to Remove Intel Rapid Storage, maybe even from intel website.)

    --definitely remove intel management engine, -(for remote software control of your computer and just collects data and uses over internet.. )

    -my dell pc doctor.. (remove, you don't need dell telling you anything. use or google your problem for real user options)

    EDIT - and what about all the other programs above the ones you pictured? i saw that! you have more crap that needs to go.. come on, fess up.. show the rest.
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    Windows 8.1

    Well the rest are programs I have installed. The problem started right out the box. But like I posted, I have solved the issue. But I do appreciate your effort to help me.
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    Hi boowindows8,

    Well, it's good you solved the issue. But the "problem started right out of the box" is because yes, all those programs which we call "bloatware/crapware" are installed on your computer from Dell right "out of the box"

    so as you turn on your computer for the first time, it loads up 20 programs that Dell put on it that you did not..
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    IRST (driver, not that program) is needed for AHCI mode, some SSDs are dead in the water without it on Intel platforms.
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Having a lot of issues with windows 8. (audio/video/more)
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