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New W8.1 cannot wake from Sleep

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    W8.1 64bit

    New W8.1 cannot wake from Sleep

    Hello Eight Forums,

    New HP Notebook. One month power on. W8.1 64bit

    Setup with Classic Shell and Fast Startup Off

    Have to decide next week. If I should return for new machine exchange or keep with two known issues.

    1) Sleeps on timer okay. Just cannot wake from Sleep. Tap space bar. Black screen goes gray. Times to black.
    Noticed ethernet lite not on. Plug is clear plastic with white led normally on and on during startup.

    Suspect power to NIC not satisfied so, no wake from Sleep. Have to force shutdown. Startup is normal. Forced shutdown is not flagged prompting startup options.

    2) igfx Tray Module has stopped working pops dialog box on some startups.

    HP and I have been round and round. HP wants me to contact Microsoft. We all know that's not fun. HP is bad enough. Always leaving remote session with machine worse for the experience.

    HP went through settings and drivers. HP un-installed, re-installed over-installed and updated drivers till they were exhausted. Using HP Support Assistant and pulling soft paks from
    Then came the requisite System Recovery. Then came more BS.

    Yesterday, after a Device Manager graphics driver un-install / install. Windows Update offered it's two cents with an Intel HD Graphics update.

    I can return to Staples for new same machine. No harm. No foul. No cost. New warranty period.

    Machine worked no issues afaik for two weeks. Then BIOS and UEFI manual pull updates via HP Support Assistant. No issues. Then on HP recommend. Reluctantly updates HP updates waiting in Support Assistant queue. Intel HD Graphics Driver SP68117, Realtek LAN SP68120 and Realtek HD Audio SP69618

    I believe the igfx Tray Module is cosmetic. I may open Intel HD Graphics Control Panel Icon to access Intel Graphics UI. Tray Module I believe is just the System Tray Icon. Which I may also access via right click desktop context menu. Graphics Properties and Options. Have no need to play with graphics. Default no issue.

    Wake from Sleep sans a forced shutdown would be nice....

    Comments ~ Suggestions ~ Please
    Tried to attach powercfg.exe /energy report. HTML would not open in browser or attach from Notepad as HTML
    Bottom line of huge text doc << No energy efficiency problems were found. No information was returned.>>
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Desktop Graphics Prop Opt.png   igfxTray Mpdule has stopped working.PNG   Windows Update Intel Graphics.PNG   Intel HD Graphics2.PNG   Windows Update Intel Graphics 2.PNG  

    igfx 3.PNG  
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    W8.1 64bit

    Geez, not even a Welcome

    HP referred me to Microsoft. Microsoft referred me back to HP
    M$ did offer me fee based support. No guarantee my system would not be left as a door stop.

    So, whose responsible here. HP the vendor of M$
    Or, M$ the author of W8
    Or, Intel
    Or, one of the umpteen needless Windows apps that came pre-installed.

    If I want Netflix. I can get em' without a Tile.
    If I want the weather...well, you can follow where I'm going.......................

    Not even a Welcome ~
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    By the Ocean
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    Why not just do this?

    I can return to Staples for new same machine. No harm. No foul. No cost. New warranty period.
    Seems a whole lot easier than dealing with HP stupidity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Majestic Jaguar View Post

    Why not just do this?

    I can return to Staples for new same machine. No harm. No foul. No cost. New warranty period.
    Seems a whole lot easier than dealing with HP stupidity.
    Thanks so much for your enthusiastic WELCOME

    I decided to try something I haven't used in years. Shutdown > Pulled Pwr Plug and battery. Pressed Pwr Button for 60 seconds.

    Yep, you guessed it. All the nonsense visited upon me by cracked HP Support resolved with a discharge.

    Cheers and Luv your Tutorials !!!
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    W8.1 64bit

    Well, that's unexpected. I posted OP sans moderator approval. Now, for reply to my own Thread. I'm subject to mod ?

    Live and Learn
    Cheers Moderator
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New W8.1 cannot wake from Sleep
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