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Combind several clicks on the computer into 1 click? HOW..

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    Combind several clicks on the computer into 1 click? HOW..

    I need a way to record a series of clicks on the computer and combined them into 1 click. Is this possible?

    What I'm trying to do is control my wireless Wi-Fi from my modem to temporary maximum my Ethernet connection speed. I live in a rural area and have extremely slow internet and have several laptops, ipad, wii, smart tv all sucking up my bandwidth and at times I have to shut down the Wi-Fi so the main Desktop computer - Ethernet connected - can operate at a bearable speed.

    DSL Modem is controlled on the Main Desktop (Ethernet) running Windows 8.1

    Currently I have to do these steps

    1. Click on DSL modem icon (shortcut I created on desktop)
    2. Choose Wi-Fi "disable" or "enable" (inside modem setup page)
    3. Click "OK" on the warning message (saying Wi-Fi service will be interrupted)
    4. Click on "Save" (to save the change)
    5. Click on "x" to exit the screen



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    Probably, you'll have to smoke out VBS folks and/or Windows PowerShell folks -- they can probably help you construct the script you need. Although I am a former power-BATchfile user, I doubt any batchfile will do what you want.
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    instead of turning off wifi why not just stop using it on the other device ,when you need the bandwidth on the main desktop
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Combind several clicks on the computer into 1 click? HOW..
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