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Delete After Canceling a Copy Process?

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    Delete After Canceling a Copy Process?

    So I'm copying a file or folder over to a target drive then I decide to cancel, so I cancel it. But Windows leaves that item (partially copied) on the target drive. Is there a way to get Windows to automatically delete that partially copied item if I cancel the copy process? rather than me having to manually do it all the time

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    i dont know why you would want it to delete everything.. it's probably a fail-safe in-case somebody were to accidently "cancel" the file transfer

    imagine if you were copying a 20 gigabytes of files and your computer accidentally restart/shutdown.. or you accidentally cancelled it.. wouldn't you want those files to still be there?

    anyway, i think your solution though is using a program called Teracopy

    but copy some random file first and do an experiment with files that you don't need first.. remember to test it out
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Delete After Canceling a Copy Process?
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