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Cannot delete file name too long

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    Unlocker is a 100% free and safe program. You just didn't click on the correct link to download it. Click on the link in the screenshot below at the Unlocker link below. You'll need to scroll down towards the bottom of the page to see it.


    Click image for larger version

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    This is interesting! If you're trying to delete a file by clicking its icon, why should the OS need to use its NAME to delete it?

    This is one more confirmation of what I've always suspected. At the deepest level, Windows is still MS-DOS. All the things on your screen, the windows and icons and menus--and the whole Metro interface too--are just translating all your mouse-clicks into MS-DOS commands, which are then being executed invisibly by the Command Prompt program or something similar to it. In this case, the length of your filename is causing the maximum MS-DOS command-line length to be exceeded.

    Or it could be that they're being translated into the kind of MS-DOS "Function Calls" used in Assembler Language programming. There would still be a filename field and a maximum length involved.
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    If all other avenues faill, try this

    Create a botable Mint Mate (Linux) thumb drive:

    Linux flash drive.
    1. Download the Rufus bootable USB drive creation utility
    Rufus home page
    Rufus FAQ
    2. Download the Linux Mint Mate ISO
    Select a download mirror from the pages below that is nearest your location to lessen download time
    Linux Mint Mate 32 bit (32 or 64 bit machines)
    Linux Mint Mate 64 bit (only 64 bit machines)
    Linux Mint Mate documentation [PDF]
    3. Create a bootable USB thumb drive using Rufus and the Linux Mint Mate ISO
    Mint Mate is 1.3 GB, so you need a thumb drive with at least 2 GB.
    Creating a bootable thumb drive erases all data on the thumb drive.
    If you have data on the thumb drive that you need, move it to your Hard Drive or burn it to an Optical Disc.
    1. Connect the USB thumb drive to a USB port
    2. Launch Rufus

      Click image for larger version
    3. The fields in Rufus are filled in with defaults. The defaults work well, but a few things need to be verified or changed.
      1. Verify that Rufus selected the thumb drive you want to write. Change the Device if the wrong USB thumb drive is presented in that field.
      2. Change Create a bootable disk using from the default to ISO image
      3. Select Linux Mint Mate ISO as the source. The file should appear on the status bar
      4. unTick Create extended label and icon files
      5. Compare your Rufus window with the image above. If everything other than the Device field are the same, then continue to the next step. Note that the ISO name in the status bar is subject to change as new versions are released
      6. Press the Start button
    4. The status bar notifies you when the process is Done
    5. Press the Close button

    Leave the Linux Mint Mate thumb drive connected for the next steps
    4. Boot to Linux Mint Mate
    Save any files you are working on, then Restart your machine
    Check your machine documentation to determine the key that brings up the Boot Order startup menu. This example is from an HP laptop that assigns it to the F9 key.
    When the machine begins to start again (black screen) tap the F9 key to bring up the Boot Order startup menu. There is only a short time to "catch" the Boot Order menu. If Windows starts, you will have to try again.

    5. If a menu is displayed, either wait for the timeout or hit enter to accept the default.
    Mint Mate is mostly driver aware, meaning your devices should work - network, monitor, mouse and keyboard (wireless or wired) - just about everything.

    Locate the drive with the file (the drives are named differently, but you can usually easily identify them) and drill down to the file location just as you would in Explorer. Then delete the file.

    You can, or should be able to, connect to the internet and launch the browser while booted to Mint Mate.
    Post any questions you might have if you try this and get stuck.

    There are two screen captures in the menu as well.
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    your joking right? Gentlemen, you dont need a program - you dont need major boot cd/usb.. you dont need anything.. solution is built-in to windows: share the folder map the folder to network drive.. delete/ rename.. unmap network folder unshare folder.. finished
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    It's not difficult.. it's already inside windows.. don't need unlocker or boot cd's/usb's or "Uninstallers."

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version
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    Still no luck. Tried 7Zip, but still would not let me delete. I tried mapping the folder to my network drive, and when I went to delete, it still said "the file name is to long for the destination folder".

    I cannot rename the folder or file, there's simply no option there. I cannot open the file, it says file name to long. I cannot delete the file or folder, it says file name is to long.

    What a stubborn little bugger this one is. Any further thoughts?


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    Were you ever able to try Unlocker?
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    No. Every time I go there, even the link you sent me, it asks me to pay for it. I must be thick. Sorry.
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    That would just be the optional donate page that opens in a new tab. You should of had the download at the bottom of IE as usual.

    Anyways, I downloaded Unlocker for you and uploaded it in the ZIP file below if you would like to try it.
    Cannot delete file name too long Attached Files
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Cannot delete file name too long
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