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    I think the key is just getting used to the changes in 8.1. I'm still not a fan of the search but it's cleaner than 8 and crisp in use. I tried Classic Shell a while back and it was easier just to adjust rather than use the uncanny valley start menu options. 8.1 gives me much more recourse in system maintenance rather than hitting blue screens- stability in 8.1 is better than 8- I'd say Windows 7 but then I was running off weak hardware back then so I don't know what caused all the irritations.

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    The ONLY reason I upgraded to 8 was the apps. I got used to the new start screen, etc. and now it is like my first language. But obviously it wasn't that way at first. I actively pursued keyboard shortcuts and the like to speed everything up, and I have got much faster in getting where I need to be. Someone mentioned 17 second boot times... holy cow! I have that with XP, now its about 5, 10.

    7 was great... way better than XP (nice in its prime, but I can no longer stand XP). But to me at least, 8 is better with its additions to 7.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whs View Post
    You have to be adventurous. When I was young, we used to be more daring.
    Nothing to do with daring. I'm old and have adjusted (daring) since the DOS days, just know what I like and touch GUI on my big laptop is not it. I like a classic desk top and will stay with it. I use touch on my 7" tablets and smart phone, that is far as I want to go.
    Don't like the blocky looking stuff either on my PC. I like normal icons. Again, not trying to force anything on anybody, only saying what I personally like and will stay with for the foreseeable future.

    And I haven't used Store yet.
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    So here I am world. I am now a person with Windows 8.1 and so far I like it. Until after Christmas 2014 I had been running on a desktop using Windows Vista witch I had been on for 6 years. With every change there are things to get used too but I have learned to expect that. When it comes to computers I try to use technology that I know for as long as I can till It stops doing what I need it to do.
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    It doesn't bother me. I have Windows 7 on my laptop and 8.1 on my desktop. I probably won't ever use the classic shell, because I don't like modding my computers.
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    The only reason why I upgraded to 8, was because my vista computer crashed again. I got tired of having issues with Vista, so I gave it to my cousin and bought the 8.1 desktop.
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    Hi there

    Maybe a better (more interesting solution) -- download the Tech. Preview of W10 - that works more or less in the W7 way (desktop mode) if that's what you want. It's FREE currently so nothing wrong with trying it out --you can hide all the Metro garbage too.

    W10 Forums has a lot of help if you get stuck too.

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    I use Windows 8.1 just like i would Windows 7..

    -I'm using a desktop..
    -you right click anything you need special menus for..
    -you dont still need search even, just use agent ransack or Everything or Locate32
    - if you do need to use the windows 8 settings, you just scroll to the far right and go to "pc settings" (charms crap)
    -it's exactly like windows 7 but better..

    you can COMPLETELY ignore the tiles and windows 8 things you say you hate soo much..

    my desktop.. i use it just like windows 7! but its windows 8.1!

    you don't need classic shell or anything extra.. you can set your desktop to show up from when you boot windows 8

    everything you need in windows 7 is in windows 8.1 but better!


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    sorry this is the desktop button!.. new pic below..

    anyway, go through the tabs and options -you will see you can even turn off those windows store things and everything..

    Click image for larger version
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    Win8.1 64bit, Windows 10 TP on VMWare Player

    Quote Originally Posted by whs View Post
    You have to be adventurous. When I was young, we used to be more daring.
    Yeah, those good old days of fashion disasters and being one of the first to have a mobile phone - even if it was bigger and heavier than many current laptops and came with a contract that meant others were carrying phones as small as a chocolate bar before it expired .
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