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Processor issues when gaming, and Streaming?

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    Processor issues when gaming, and Streaming?

    I am having trouble with my Processor when I am gaming Black Ops 2 and streaming with OBS. My processor is Intel Core i7 4700-MQ 2.4Ghz, Turbo up to 3.2Ghz. I got 8 Gbs of Ram, and Nvidia Geforce GT 745M 2gb. This is what my problem is. Usually when I play Black Ops 2 I can have almost high graphics, I cap at 60 Frames and its stable. But over time or the higher I try to go My frames stay at 60 but go down to mid 50s sometimes. The thing is that my audio kinda cuts out and glitches out and stutters when that happens. Thats how i know its my processor. Well when I stream, I use 30 FPS, 720, and superfast for my CPU. Black Ops 2 is 720 with everything turned down and I also have Itunes playing. Over a short time it starts doing the frame drops, and audio glitches etc. Is there something wrong with my processor? Cause my processor, Graphics, and Ram are more then capable to stream and play black ops 2 with higher graphics without doubt. My GPU tempature stays at around 72, because I took off the base under neath to keep it cooler, but thats when I stream. Without it it stays at 68. Taking the bottom off put the temparture down by at least 10. I really wanna fix this problem cause I love streaming. Thank you.

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    Frames/sec dropping from 60 > 55 is nothing, perfectly normal in any game. No problem at all.
    A re-install your sound driver is an obvious thing to try.

    Running another sound Application like Itunes whilst running a game is not a good idea. It may not be up to job of so many sound channels at the same time.

    I don't know Itunes, but if there is a means of lowering it's priority, resource usage you may gain something. The thing is, is the game sound OK when you are not running Itunes ?

    I don't see your CPU processor as anything to do with this at all.
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    please.. oh please, don't tell me you have a lenovo.... aahh.. shoot. just checked your system specs.

    welcome to Lenovo. the chinese company that ruined gamers from playing games on laptops..

    i dont even know where to begin except start googling if your specific model has throttling and start looking up how to ramp your fans up, which probably isn't possible due to lenovo restricting bios and fan and heat control. you have a i7 that is restricted due to Lenovo again.. oh boy.. i'm sorry man.. i'm sorry.

    i also have a lenovo laptop (by mistake! i didn't know either because i rushed!) -my i7 (4700mq), 16 gig ram. 755m nvidia 2 gig video card. - it's been nothing but insane hitting my head on a brick wall - (and not becuase it doesn't work, but because of how "i" want to control and use my system the way "i" want to and lenovo doesn't allow that) -

    unfortunately what you should have seen first when you were buying a lenovo was there logo:

    "if you want a Locked Bios! Restricted Speed of your 1 single fan for cooling! and horrible thermal paste!! come on by and buy a Lenovo Laptop! We got cheap Chinese Parts and faulty Hard Drives and Even Strong Sturdy Plastic that will break and Hinges that will sever from your display! Come on and buy a Lenovo Laptop Today!

    Lenovo - we compute you long time'
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    one more time.. i'm sorry i had to..

    oh and if you have been on the Lenovo Forums.. I think you'll know who i am.. hehe..

    -hint, asus computers.. -wink..

    Click image for larger version
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    But it has some good points too, it can help to heat room on cool days. For some reason (probably price) they are popular around here and every time I get stuck working on it heat is a biggest issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bassfacer22 View Post
    start looking up how to ramp your fans up, which probably isn't possible due to lenovo restricting bios and fan and heat control.
    You could try TP fan control. I couldn't find anything definitive if it will work on your model but it is worth a try. Worked well on my X201 until I sat on it. You could download it from here and give it a go TPFanControl by troubadix
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    im pretty sure tp fan control won't work as hundreds of users had to reset to something called "ideafan" which they still couldn't even completely control the fan because it is Hard-coded in the EC.. or somethin i forget what they called it.. the fan controller is totally programed by lenovo and it's hard-coded so no tweakin.. so unless tp fan control can rewrite code..
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Processor issues when gaming, and Streaming?
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