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Extend C: with non adjacent partition

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    Extend C: with non adjacent partition

    Ok, so Iv ran out of space on my samsung SSD so I bought a new crucial SSD. I have cloned the original SSD and its working but I cant get the extra space merged with my C Drive.
    C Drive is 92gb and then there is 3 partitions in between the extra 120gb that I want to add.
    Any advice would be much appreciated.
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    Hello icemantaz, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    You might see if you may be able to use the free MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition to extend C: into the 120GB of unallocated space on the same SSD.

    Instructions: How to Move/Resize Partition | MiniTool Partition Wizard Tutorial

    Hope this helps,
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    As I see it - You have a 92GB partition and a 23GB partition - all the other partitions are MB partitions

    I see "G" where are the C, D, E, F drives?? Since this is listed as disk 2, there are also two other disks missing -Disk 0 and Disk 1

    Edit: I see the faded out 120GB now..

    What you have in those partitions are the

    4(windows 8.1 recovery tools) created after win 8.1 update
    5(oem recovery image)
    6(oem tools )

    at command prompt(admin)
    Type> diskpart
    type> select disk 2
    type> list partition
    take a snapshot

    type> list volume
    take a snapshot

    Now find the 23GB volume #
    type> select volume #
    type> assign letter=r

    Browse thru R and find Install.wim or Install.swm(s) - those are your Factory recovery Images..

    If you want to Keep the factory recovery and recovery images??

    type> C:\Windows\System32\Reagentc /Setosimage /Path R:\RecoveryImage /Target C:\Windows /Index 1

    assuming the install* file(s) are on "R" and in a folder called "RecoveryImage"

    - change drive letter and folder name to suit your system setup and C to your windows drive letter (G ??)

    Then go to control panel > recovery > Create a recovery drive..

    At that point you will have the factory recovery on a usb stick..

    You can then delete the 3 partitions in question and merge all the space
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    Look at the video tutorial, it shows how to expend partition(including system partitions) without non-adjucent unallocated space.
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Extend C: with non adjacent partition
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