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Disk Imaging of W8. Would this work ?

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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there

    1) Boot version of Acronis is essentially a Stand alone Linux OS -- it can image any partition containing a File system that it can handle - which includes NTFS and a host of others -- So long as it can "See" the disks you want to image or restore -- no problem. The Partition image is just "Data" as far as Acronis running in its own OS is concerned (The stand alone boot version) -- although it does have a few tricks to make data recovery / restore quicker such as ignoring empty sectors etc -- but you CAN force it into a sector by sector restore if you really want to.

    2) If you run Acronis from say something like a Win 2 Go W8 usb device or a "Hirens CD with a Mini Windows in it" as the normal Acronis program it will still be able to copy / restore images on any disks these OS's can see.

    3) Unless you have a Server version you will only be able to image Partitions attached either via a USB or directly connected to the local machine.

    4) The DATA (images) can be saved on any device the local machine is able to access -- including networked drives.

    5) DATA and Directory backups (as opposed to Disk Images) can be backed up and restored to any device the computer has access to - again networked drives if applicable.

    Hope this "de fuzzes" the issue.

    Other software might do all these too -- I've use Acronis over the years so I'm answering from what I know Acronis can do. IMO it's still a lot faster than Macrium although you do have to pay for it (not much) -- and one 30 minute restore alone canl save you hours of Windows re-installs, application installs. serial number possible problems, Windows / Office updates and application updates. Well worth the 40 or so USD for the product.

    (Final remark -- the reason why running Acronis from Within the OS is mentioned -- with Windows you've got the whole "Address space" plus all the complex multi-tasking of the OS to allow the product to run at its maximum performance.

    The stand alone (bootable) version is a very stripped down bare Linux OS designed to run with as minimum of hardware requirements as possible and minimum memory requirements as it's intended to be used on "Bare Metal" recovery. As a consequence the performance won't be anything like as optimized as when running under Windows. The Stand alone CD version is designed just to Boot and run on as bare minimum hardware as possible.


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    Hi Jimbo,
    Thanks for the detailed reply. I was just reading the pdf manual of TI10 and that recommends or at least implies running under Windows as the preferred choice and that you resort to the other methods only when the system is totally unbootable.

    I agree how useful Acronis is. When I clean installed Vista I did a running incremental as the updates and service packs progressed (just in case) and I also have a "Just Vista" image that is up to date update wise but with no additional programs installed (other than Acronis) which allows me to do a clean install and rebuild if I wish.

    I should really make a new bootable disc even though I have the retail version because I updated TI to a new build. I think they say you can go back and use a version "one build older" for restoring from the CD.

    Thanks... it's slowly getting de-fuzzed
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    Old thread, but my experience.

    Win 7 running on two separate partitions.

    Backup win 7 partition using true image 2011 from alternate win 7 partition.

    Update the backed up partition to win 8. Fine.

    Backup Win 8 using TrueImage from Win 7 system.

    Restore to Win 7. Fine.

    Restore back to Win 8. Driver error while attempting to boot. No recovery I can find. So it appears a Win 8 image taken via True Image 2011 can NOT be used for recovery. If anyone has successfully done it, please let me know how.

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Disk Imaging of W8. Would this work ?
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