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start menu apps... are any necessary?

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    Penn's Forest
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    I just read your thread title a little differently.

    You can customize your Start Screen so that it contains a few or many tiles.
    You can, but probably shouldn't change the AllApps menu screen

    If you want to remove a tile from the Start Screen, right click the tile and Unpin from start.
    Repeat that for any tiles you don't wan to see on the Start Screen

    You can then go to the AllApps menu screen and
    right click on any tile you DO want to see on the Start Screen, then
    select Pin to Start

    You can move tiles around on the Start Screen and resize them (small medium, wide, large). Not every tile has all sizes though.

    Once you have the Start Screen looking the way you want it (ok, almost the way you want it),
    you never have to look at the many tiles on the AllApps menu screen

    Sometimes I a bit dense and I don't answer the question a member is asking.
    It takes a while for me to figure out what you want to do.
    Who knows, I might still have it all wrong.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Slartybart View Post
    zip folders: I just tried it and mine are not locked. How are you creating the zip folders that have the lock
    If you used Send To, look at the Properties->security tab on %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo
    sorry, didn't mean to put you through all that...

    i had the problem with zips in win7
    and that computer died a month ago...

    for some reason administrators didn't have full control
    over zip files i made and yes i used the send to folder
    so thank you for telling me i could change it there if i need to...

    thanks to shawn i know how how to do that now...
    i did that in the registry to get rid of the network button
    i kept clicking all the time...

    Quote Originally Posted by Slartybart View Post
    Yeah, Win7 worked the same way regarding administrative tools.
    If you opt to show them (settings in all aps -> tiles) then they get populated in your local start folder.
    so those are all duplicates...
    where are the settings on the all apps screen?
    haven't found those yet
    all i see are search and arrange by...

    Quote Originally Posted by Slartybart View Post
    Once you have the Start Screen looking the way you want it (ok, almost the way you want it),
    you never have to look at the many tiles on the AllApps menu screen
    i got the start screen down to just the desktop and a few icons
    i might play around with the start menu
    to get the apps screen to look better
    but i'll probably give up on those altogether
    and work on the real menu i started to make
    one i can actually use...

    Quote Originally Posted by orlandotek View Post
    Motels are notorious for having poor bandwidth/speeds. They do it on purpose... You should download it somewhere else.
    it took me three tries to post here
    cause i started and went to something else
    and came back and it was gone
    even though it autosaved some of it

    i would go somewhere else
    but i'm always naked
    i would love to go to starbucks though

    i really don't have any more questions
    so thanks to everyone...

    back to life...
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    You can remove any app you want
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    Penn's Forest
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    Win8.1 Pro | Win10TP Pro - boot to VHD

    No bother, that's why I post here - keeps me out of jail trouble

    Ok on the zips then

    I characterize the Administrative group as dups - technically they are, but for you to see them, they have to be in your local Start menu folder

    AllApps - you're right, just tiles and search. I don't think there is a settings setting. The best you can do is brute force arrange. It's probably best just to let Windows put the tiles in groups it wants to and pin the tiles you want to the Start Screen or the taskbar.

    Always? you're such a tease

    You're welcome, glad to have 'helped' in some small way.

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start menu apps... are any necessary?
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