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a short Metro UI wish list

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    Metro UI world

    One thing I never liked about Windows and Linux is that default position of the left and upper left.

    I use a 37" monitor which does a splendid job but when windows defaults to the upper left I have to crank my head to the upper left., I will not use a smaller monitor.

    ... and Microsoft never made it possible to put the orb to the bottom right and the tray to the left.
    Same with Linux.
    Always defaulting to the upper left.

    If Microsoft can, please code the software to allow for total customization.
    Let us put tiles on the screen where we need them to be.
    Let us resize tiles at will.
    Let us have total control over the "ALL APPS" area of the Metro UI.
    Let us have full editing of the Metro UI if we choose to use it.
    Let us have the ability to disable it.
    Let us have the right to change the background image or color of the Metro.
    Let us be able to change every feature.
    Let there not be a segmented tile system.

    this is a short list...

    I will say this positively that Microsoft Windows does an excellent job of remembering window size and locations on the desktop without having to require the user to select options for each window as is required in Linux.
    With all respect for those calling to abandon Windows 8 for Linux, ... that will never happen.
    Linux is far too cumbersome for the average user.
    It requires far too much configuring to make it usable.
    Any implication that suggests a user go to the terminal command prompt and type code is ridiculous.

    The universality of customization is a complex issue,
    until there is a future artificial intelligence voice commanded operating system,
    we are stuck with written code.

    I think the program coders at Microsoft are limited by decisions made by elite corporate types that constrain the programmers to their decisions.


    there are no programmers available that have the technical skills to successfully write and compile millions of lines of code that can satisfy everyone.

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    I agree with most of this, except to disable metro. That kind of defeats the purpose of Windows 8.

    I want to see it MUCH more customizable and have customizing extend everywhere throughout the UI.
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a short Metro UI wish list
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