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Windows 8 CP metro UI Clutter

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    Windows 8 CP metro UI Clutter


    If interested in clearing the "all apps" links that make the metro UI seem to be a mess, one way is to hide the links or folders by editing their properties on the desktop.

    For example, first one must select from the ribbon to "view" , then "options", then to "change folder and search options"

    Once hidden files and folders are seen, navigate to your root or "C" , then click the hidden folder "ProgramData" , then "Microsoft", then the folder "Windows" , then the folder "Start Menu" , then the folder "Programs".

    Right Click on the files (or shortcuts) or folder you wish to hide from the metro and select properties,
    then click on the hidden check box.

    Ok that.

    This will hide that link or folder from the Metro UI "all apps" area.

    Of course do this only if you have no need for the hundreds of links that will accumulate on the "all apps" page of the metro UI.

    Believe it or not, the Metro UI seems to be just an advanced version of the old Windows 3.1 PROGMAN.

    I have seen improvements in performance and efficiency that are not obvious.
    For example, the recycle bin is faster and utilities that delete deleted data are also faster.
    The upgrade to 8 might be a good thing.

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    Welcome to the forum
    Not sure if this is what you were trying to do,on the start page right click on all the apps that you do not want and then click on unpin at the bottom and they are all gone from the start page.
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    Not exactly,
    there are 2 pages to the orb replacement start screens that carry links to installed programs.

    The start page and the "all apps" page.

    When you right click on the empty space of the start Metro UI, the bottom left of the screen displays a button to "all apps".
    If you install more than 10 programs, there might be several hundred links on that page which makes it look like a mess.
    I know if you press the CTRL key and roll the scroll wheel the icons segment to sections but the "all apps" page can still be a mess.
    You could end up with 1000 links on the "all apps" page of the metro UI.
    By hiding unwanted folders, this will clean up without deleting the all apps links

    Also they can be restored by unhiding.
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Windows 8 CP metro UI Clutter
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