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Windows Boot Manager, missing files error in ASUS Tablet

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    Windows Boot Manager, missing files error in ASUS Tablet

    Good evening, everyone.

    So, I got a new ASUS tablet for Christmas. The OS was Windows 8, but it kept telling me to update to Windows 8.1 or else I wasn't able to download any apps or so. To do that, I had to look for updates with Windows Update first. When all the updates were ready to go, I went to the Store and tranfered Windows 8.1. Then it told me to reboot. So I did. And, when I do that, the thing tells me that there's some kind of error. I wasn't able to do a system restore or a repair or a recovery or what so ever. Nothing worked. So, I did what everyone does in such a situation. I went online and looked for a solution. I came across this site: Fixing the Windows Bootloader via the setup DVD. I followed its' instructions, but I must have done something wrong...

    On "attempt three" (on the link) I couldn't manage to find that C:\Boot he talks about. It kept telling me that it couldn't find the patch. So, I thought, "maybe it's something else..." and I took the patch from the "Windows Boot Manager" thing that appeared somewhere... and I must have done something or deleted something when following the instructions... and now there is no way I can get it to work.

    Can someone pleaaaase help me? I'm usually pretty handy with technology but I've never worked with tablets and I personaly dislike Windows 8.

    Thank you so much for yout time and attention!

    Atached there is a pdf with a scan of the message that I come across everytime I turn that tablet on. I can't get passed it.
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    The error message appears to say that it can't find \Windows\System32\winload.exe
    It's most likely one of the following:
    - missing from the disk
    - the BCD entry is misconfigured
    - there may be disk problems (hardware)

    Are you able to access the System Repair menu?
    Can you get into a Command Prompt?

    If not, then I'd have to suggest resetting the system to it's factory state.
    If unable to do that, then I'd request recovery media from Asus to restore it

    If it's still within the return policy period, you may just want to return it and avoid all of the hassles.

    Good luck!
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    download windows 8.1 setup media - Create installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help

    boot from the setup media and instead of selecting install - select "repair this computer" bottom left corner

    Since this is a New xmas PC - windows 8 is dead anyway and you are being forced into windows 8.1 - I would suggest you download the MFG's drivers for your system and do a clean install of windows 8.1
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Windows Boot Manager, missing files error in ASUS Tablet
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