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How to turn Recycle Bin confirmation *off*

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    How to turn Recycle Bin confirmation *off*

    I seem to have the reverse problem of everyone else: my Windows 8 insists on confirming every delete request and I can't disable it. The boxes for confirm delete in recycle bin properties are definitely unchecked, and yet every time I try to delete something (from anywhere, including local drives) it asks for confirmation. I've tried checking and re-unchecking the delete confirmation box, and I've tried reverse psychology (!?) and checking the delete confirmation box - no change at all.

    [Solved] - network drives don't behave the same way and will ask for confirmation before deletion every time. Make sure it's a local drive and not a networked drive.
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    Do you also have it set to delete immediately ?
    On every drive ?
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    Hello Freshdaemon, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    Double check that you have unchecked the Display delete confirmation dialog box for all drives and not just for the C: drive.

    Recycle Bin Delete Confirmation - Turn On or Off - Windows 7 Help Forums

    In the mean time, you might see if the tutorial below to add "Permanently Delete" to the context menu may work for you.

    Permanently Delete - Add to Context Menu - Windows 7 Help Forums
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    I have the same issue. No matter what I try, the confirmation dialog can't be stopped. "Delete immediately" is not checked, nor has it ever been.
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    Nevermind, I'm an idiot. I hadn't realized that it was a mapped network drive which was asking for confirmation, which makes sense because that's gone forever. Local drives are actually behaving as expected.

    md2lgyk, is that the same pattern you're having or something else? If your local drive(s) is misbehaving I'll leave this unsolved for you.
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How to turn Recycle Bin confirmation *off*
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