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Resizing partition for Ubuntu

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    Resizing partition for Ubuntu

    Hey guys, I have no idea where to post this so I decided to post it here. Sorry for being a noob.

    I'm dual booting Ubuntu and Windows 8.1, no errors, both run smoothly, all's good. :3
    Thing is, when I installed Ubuntu, I gave it 70 gbs of space.. And I regret it. I want it to have more.
    Is there anyway I can resize Ubuntu partition safely without damaging anything in both operating systems?
    If so, where do I resize it? In Win8.1 or Ubuntu?

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    This guide should help you.

    How to Resize Your Ubuntu Partitions

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    The Ubuntu partition must be modified only by a utility that understands it. Windows disk manager understands only FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS and has no knowledge of Linux partitions or how they may be resized.

    To make room to expand the Ubuntu partition you will likely need to shrink the Windows partition and that can only be done by Windows disk manager or some third party utility that understands it. Exactly how that is best done depends on how the partitions are arranged. Do not trust the Linux live CD to do this as it probably knows little or nothing of NTFS.
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    The Linux boot media contains GParted -- which, if used to shrink Windows OS partitions, can lead to filesystem corruption.

    As mentioned, use the Windows Disk Management utility for Win8.1. However, you can also use the Minitool Partition Wizard Boot CD to modify the Windows partition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Phelps View Post
    The Linux boot media contains GParted -- which, if used to shrink Windows OS partitions, can lead to filesystem corruption.

    As mentioned, use the Windows Disk Management utility for Win8.1. However, you can also use the Minitool Partition Wizard Boot CD to modify the Windows partition.
    Right. So if he shrinks the Ubuntu partition in Ubuntu, and sets the newly created space as unallocated, he can then boot to windows and extend his partition with mini partition wizard.
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    Thanks for your replies everyone.
    Based on what you all said, first, I need to Shrink my Windows partition to make space for resizing the Ubuntu partition. The new space should be unallocated.
    Then I boot Ubuntu and resize it there using the guide YoloWaffle provided.


    I accessed disk management to find all these partitions.

    Why do I have a lot of partitions? O.o
    Two of them (45gbs and 5gbs) are for Ubuntu (I realized it wasn't 70gbs, worse, 50 lol)
    But the others are all recovery? I did system restore once, I'm assuming it's related to that, but why do I have 3 others?
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    You have a system that uses UEFI -- thus, there is a LOT more work to do than just create an empty space.

    You should go to the Ubuntu forums and open a thread about this. They will point you to stuff you will need to read about installing Ubuntu on a UEFI system.
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    I use GParted as well... 50 gig is enough for root/boot partitions - you may just wanna move/increase home partition - but that's a Linux issue - thus, as advised, an Ubuntu forum would be best.
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    Hi there

    Re-sizing Linux partitions is not always straight forward -- especially on GPT drives / UEFI systems. The main problem is usually not the /home partition (if you have a separate one) but the BOOT (GRUB) which might read some of the physical geometry of the drive - re-sizing the partition leads to (sometimes) an unbootable system due to GRUB corruption.

    The best solution is to look at some of the Linux Forums for help on this.

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Resizing partition for Ubuntu
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