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there seems to be screen print limit in windows

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    there seems to be screen print limit in windows

    At work we use windows 7 and when we do ctrl-alt-printscreen in internet explorer about 100 times, it stops working and we have to logoff and back on for it to work again.

    i have read online that it is a shatter attack protection feature introduced from windows vista. is there a workaround for it.

    the obvious workaround i thought off was to paste into word but this takes to long and shrinks the image.

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    I think ctrl+alt+print screen just copies the active window which can be done with alt+print screen.
    Since the ctrl key does nothing in screen capture.

    I just tested it & got the active window.
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    Since the Windows Clipboard can hold only one item using those key functions could it be an issue with memory/memory usage? Could it be logging off is clearing the memory like rebooting does?

    The later versions of Microsoft Office and their Clipboard is different, can hold more items.
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there seems to be screen print limit in windows
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