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Searching files is VERY slow

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    Windows 8.1

    Searching files is VERY slow

    I am running windows 7, upgraded to Windows 8, then 8.1.
    I recently have noticed that searching my music files (mp3's), and my karaoke files (Zip format), has become really slow, it is ridiculous. WindowsSearch has been "stopped" and has made no difference.

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    If you have stopped your Windows Search service you'll not get your index built. Then rather than looking for something in the index Windows will have to read through all of your files which will be very slow.

    I suggest you enable Windows Search again, go to indexing options and check mp3 and zip files types are indexed and then rebuild your index - Index - Rebuild - Windows 7 Help Forums
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    I would suggest the 64bit (or 32bit) version of Agent Ransack, it doesn't need the windows index, and speeds through filename searches quickly. We use it at work to search CNC program files on a DNC server, and it beats windows search functions hands down....
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    Windows 8.1

    Thank you so mush Guymalloc. That program is a dream... solved all my searching problems. Will use it on all my systems now.
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    You're welcome. Anytime I find a 'free' third party program that does what it says, I'm happy to recommend. I've been surviving in the IT world for 20 years thanks to tireless programmers who weren't satisfied with the programs available, and created something lean, mean, and fast, to do what everybody needed, and I happily give them kudo's for their originality.....
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    Windows 8.1 (HOME not Pro) 64bit

    I also use Agent Ransack.. it is incredible.. I also disabled windows search.. forget it..

    so speaking of those "free third party apps that do what they say" .. would you mind elaborating on what they are? I've got a folder of utilities.. I am kind of a hoarder of third party apps that do what they say.. so i'd love to know some of the really good ones you can think of off-hand..

    In particular i'm looking for a good monitoring tool.. for network usage and speed, and also any tools that compare folders to sync folders.. maybe like fastcopy..

    i need a batch renamer, i need a picture size changer, i always run into a problem with file sizes with pictures..

    hope you got some good ones buddy

    (dangit! forgot Merry Christmas!)
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    Merry Christmas!

    Some of my favorite programs...

    Agent Ransack (of course)
    Irfanview - Simple graphics manipulating, including batch converts for filesize, resolution, and filetype...
    Exact Audio Copy - amazing audio conversions, uses any codecs installed in Windows....
    7zip - all in one program, no need for any other zip or rar tool...
    SDformatter4 - formats and fixes all sd or microsd cards, takes a little study, but well worth it....
    pfe101i - If you can still find it online, Programmers File Editor, been using since Win3.1, best source editor I've ever found....
    Rufus - creates bootable usb flash drives, many options....
    RWeverything - allows you to read and write system memory areas, including the uefi win8 embedded program key!...

    These are ones I use all the time, as far as folder comparing and syncing, most software I work with uses network shares, never have locally stored anything of importance, too easy to have a user delete vital files.
    I've always used Microsoft's network utilities on our servers, to do monitoring and to check for slowdowns. Big thing is to keep workstations up to date, and updated at least once a week. No XP or Vista left now, all Win7, and shifting to Win8 slowly, still working out the "user unfriendly-ness" that people complain about. So far everyone I've worked into Win8, has accepted it and actually seem to like it once they get used to it.
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    Windows 8.1 (HOME not Pro) 64bit

    thanks guymalloc..

    Merry Christmas for those alright!

    nice list, i have heard of some of those.. a few i havent.. and will check out..

    my last bit of searching has been for a good duplicate file finder.. been trying auslogic duplicate file finder lately.. it seems good.
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    W8.1, W7

    Nice to read about others satisfied with agent ransack. Initially found it recommended by many on sevenforums years ago, used it ever since for any important/complex search operation (good to have a 100% reliable tool to bypass w7/w8 search's absurd interface and flaky results). It's really excellent, am now using the paid version (file locator pro), gladly supporting the company, btw, we're in good comapny > You're in very good company!

    About other good programs, Freecommander file manager is great. Am also using Rufus and Irfanview. And notepad++ is on all my pc's. btw, take a look at this guy's work System utilities, password recovery and network tools, miscellaneous software with source code, am a big fan of this little creation > Network Activity Indicator for Windows 7 - IT Samples

    Have a fin xmas.
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    Windows 8.1

    Thanks again

    Yeah these guys do amazing work. Windows have a lot to live up to, when Third Party programmers can make more efficient & better programs than the PC OS give us lol
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Searching files is VERY slow
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