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Given my computer away because I am so very disappointed.

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    who knows ?

    Given my computer away because I am so very disappointed.

    Just had to have a whinge..... I am sure that there are many satisfied users of Windows 8...I and the overwhelming majority of people I know are of a similar view to my own.

    I am approaching 70 years... and I'll bet that many of the younger generation are thinking that an old fart like me should not be entrusted with such a piece of modern technology. maybe you are right.

    In the current economic crisis, many young families rely on the Bank of 'Mum and Dad' to help them with the luxuries.... possibly iphones, tablets and so forth. I tend to mix with retired couples to whom this is routine... need a holiday ? Getting married ? New child on the way ? and many many more .... Grandparents step in and help. I still will but only if they purchase Mac computers.

    I have come through since the nineties with a series of computers so I am no stranger to laptops, desktops and hard drives....

    Windows, over the years has gradually introduced us all...nay...educated us into a system of using their product... Windows Vista was 'iffy', but continued the education.... Windows 7 is great.

    My kids urged me to buy a new laptop... as did the saleslady at Currys... so I invested in a new laptop with Windows 8.

    My laptop with Win8 has given me such aggravation, even with simple things, like switching off, switching on, airplane mode (now referred to 'Flight Mode') , things appearing at the side, searches being presented in a weird manner,....I could recite 100's so that finally today I cleaned it....inside and out.... and gave it to a local school.

    I don't know quite what Windows 9 has in store, but whoever came up with the concept Windows 8 should have his or her arse kicked. Die quietly, Die peacefully...but just DIE !
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    Manila, Philippines
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    Well, I understand how you feel. I myself prefer to stick to Windows 7, but with the advent of mobile devices like tablets (I currently have a Surface Pro 2 running windows 8.1) eventually everyone is going to be forced to use them. There are a few modifications to make windows 8 look and feel like windows 7 but further reading is required...

    As for windows 9, Microsoft cancelled it and moved directly to Windows 10. They say the redesigned Windows 10 has a lot of user input and they've brought back a lot of stuff that users wanted from Windows 7. We'll see though...
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    hello ,iam just over 60 so we are close in age ,and i feel your pain ,i hated win8 to ,so i went back to win7 till win8.1 came out ,and you can boot right to the desktop ,and pin all your most used apps to the taskbar or desktop ,and its much easier than all you had to do was the free upgrade to win8.1
    i also am using win10 prieview and its much better again .microsoft is going to give option to have a start menu (simular to win7)or use new metro start screen .happy non computing ,lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpainHighlander View Post
    an old fart like me should not be entrusted with such a piece of modern technology
    quite true
    Quote Originally Posted by SpainHighlander View Post
    I don't know quite what Windows 9 has in store
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    A Finnish ex-pat in Leipzig, Germany
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    Windows 8.1 can quite easily, with a few simple steps, be made look and feel almost exactly as Windows 7: Windows 8.1 - Make it Look and Feel like Windows 7.
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    Windows 10 Pro Prieview x64

    Not sure what we can do about the grandkids though ...
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    I'm in my early 60's and can't see what it is that people find so difficult regarding Win 8, it's only marginally different than Win 7 with most of the stuff that is different being completely optional. I switch back and forth between Win 7 & Win 8 machines all day long and mostly don't even realize that I am using a different OS. I also find it annoying when people blame their age for not being technically inclined, I feel one is never too old to learn.
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    USA, Idaho
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    What a bunch of . . . I am Seventy years old and have had three strokes. Now I can't walk worth a darn, can't drive my any more (state took my License away, but I still can use a computer without any problem though my typing is sometime a major problem. So instead of complaining why not set your butt down in the chair and learn how to us it or just load windows XP, Vista, or Win 7 and enjoy your computer instead of coming where complaining about how bad everything is for you. Oh, and there is Linux (not my choose, albeit it is another way to go.
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    Lee, not coming on to you (happily married) but have to ask, is your avatar you in younger days?
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    You can easily get rid of Win8 annoyances like the Tiles interface by installing ClassicShell. This returns the start menu and launches you directly into a working desktop -- with much of the look and feel of Win7.
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Given my computer away because I am so very disappointed.
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