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Windows 8/8.1 deleting files on its own...

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    Windows 8/8.1 deleting files on its own...

    I can put a bunch of files on the system. When I put the drive back in the pc and turn it on all the files disappear and the free space changes to show those files being gone.

    Anybody know if microsoft will ever fix this issue? It started when 8 first came out and it still does it. Its a pain to have to copy files 3 times to restore them vs just once like you can with 7 and prior.

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    Can you explain in more detail exactly what you are doing and how please?
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    Connecting the drive to another pc that files were backed up too. After transferring into the drive even if you safely remove after the computer boots back up the files are gone. On occasion with 8.1 I notice the folder is there but shows empty. If I try to paste into that folder it says file system is corrupt and I have to chkdsk first. Even after it does that the files that were there when I safely ejected from the other pc are gone.
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    Connecting the drive how, USB?
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    man that could be your antivirus deleting the files.. you give no information about what windows is deleting? movie files from torrenting? games? pictures? illegal software i'm sure?? haha

    but that would move files.. antivirus software..

    as far as i know windows doesn't delete files except for temp files in temporary folders.. so..
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Windows 8/8.1 deleting files on its own...
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