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How to remove metro UI screen that covers desktop log in

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    How to remove metro UI screen that covers desktop log in

    I chose to set my 8.1 to boot directly to desktop at sign in. Thing is when you boot up
    when I need to log in I first see a metro like skin that has the time on it, I can click on it and it
    immediately goes away and uncovers the normal log in screen. There must be some way to
    eliminate this annoyance. Searched but haven't seen anything that addresses the issue.
    I have a Dell Inspiron 660 that came with Win 8.1 built in Aug 2014.

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    Hello Legacy,

    That would be the lock screen. The tutorial below can help show you how to disable it to not see it anymore before the sign in screen.

    Lock Screen - Enable or Disable in Windows 8
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    Thanks Brink! I wasn't sure what the correct term was for that screen.

    I'm new to Windows 8.1 after just buying a new Dell Inspiron 660 core i5-4460 8GB after retiring my trusty 13 year old
    Windows XP /HP Pavilion 7955 with a P4 1.5 Ghz and 1MB of memory.

    I will say that after playing around with Windows 8.1 it is not the horror that some people claim it is. The new Dell
    is great but boy do they add lots of bloat. I actually like to learn new things and Windows 8.1 has just enough change to make learning about it interesting but not frustrating.

    I know it is again OT but since I have your attention I have two other important questions to ask...

    1) This Dell came with McAfee Live Safe Security Trial already activated. I am not interested in keeping it and believe that
    MS Defender will be more than adequate for my needs. Are they are tips you can offer about removing it without
    BREAKING anything in Win 8.1? I was going to use the removal from programs method and then use the
    McAfee mcpr removal tool afterwards. I have heard that this tool has on occasion broken certain components
    in 8.1...any observations as to whether or not I should use it too?

    2) This PC was built in Aug 2014 so there are quite a few Windows Updates that are offered, are there any
    specific updates that I should avoid installing from August onwards to now?

    3) If I disable the automatic App updates do I compromise the OS security?

    MERRY CHRISTMAS, and Seasons Greetings

    to you and your entire family BRINK,
    and all the folks that make EightForums/SevenForums/TenForums possible,
    and all the subscribers!
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    You're most welcome. I'm sure that you did find 8.1 different from XP, but you should have fun playing with it.

    Q1) You should be able to uninstall it McAfee in Programs and Features without issue. It may require a restart to finish uninstalling though.

    Q2) Nar, it's best to install the checked updates first, then repeat until there are not any updates checked by default to install and/or you need to check any remaining updates to install.

    Q3) No, but you would just need to manually check for new updates. Every second Tuesday of each month is patch Tuesday when Microsoft releases new updates. However, Windows Defender has definition updates daily, and sometimes more than once a day.
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    To uninstall mcafee go to McAfees uninstall site here. Because after uninstalling there is an extra online McAfee Consumer Product Removal (MCPR) tool:
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How to remove metro UI screen that covers desktop log in
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