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Explanation on Dual-booting (Live CD or from USB)

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    Explanation on Dual-booting (Live CD or from USB)

    So I fixed my original Windows 8.1 and switched it to pro and I want to use another OS like Linux (Ubuntu, etc?) to play games using Wine. I want to know if I can boot it just from the USB and it never boots just from the hard drive? Like, you can only use it when you plug in the USB and you can't see it (Other than partition?) in the original OS you used (Windows 8.1).

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    I've tried several versions of Linux before settling on one to actually install [Linux Mint Cinnamon]. The distros are called LiveCD or LiveDVD and are bootable, can run things from it. I haven't tried installing on a USB Thumb/Flash drive yet. Usually Windows can't see partitions formatted by the install of Linux, uses a different format such as ext4.

    Wine may need to be run from an installed version of Linux. Wine is installed on mine but I haven't configured it [no need just yet].
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    With a large enough USB stick you can install a Linux distro with "Persistence" mode and boot with it. That way you'll be able to install programs and keep them on it. This one LinuxLive USB Creator can do that.
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Explanation on Dual-booting (Live CD or from USB)
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