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Laptop restarted from hibernate

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    Laptop restarted from hibernate


    I never had this problem before, but ever since I upgraded to Windows 8.1, my laptop restarted from a Hibernate state every time.

    If I put it into Sleep, it will wake up normally but I prefer Hibernating.

    But every time I turn on my laptop from Hibernate, it's like my laptop is shut down and it goes back to start up.

    And I found a dump file on the Minidump folder every time I turn on my laptop from Hibernate.

    Please help, normally it's not like this

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    Have a look at your PC & Devices settings. You can set when your PC will go to sleep, or hibernate (e.g. after 'x' minutes of inactivity)

    Perhaps your current settings are set to hibernate too soon after inactivity? Hopefully someone here with more knowledge than I will also contribute here. Good luck!
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    No, it's not about inactivity. I mean, I put my laptop to Hibernate. Then when I want to turn my laptop back on, it does not resume but it restarts itself as if the laptop is being shut down. So all of my unsaved work such as Notepad that I write earlier was lost.

    Hope you guys understand now what my problem is.
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Laptop restarted from hibernate
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