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help with drive for my window 8.1

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    Window 8.1

    help with drive for my window 8.1

    Hi. I currently have two computers...both of them are is Window 7 and the other is Window 8.1.

    I am currently working on a project using pictures and music and burning them to a disk using my Window 7 computer. There is something on the Window 7 that I use which is windows dvd maker. I open this and am able to slide pictures from my photo gallery, add music, and then burn this to a disk.

    However, since my Window 8.1 is sitting gathering dust I would like to know if what I have on my Window 7 in regard to burning a disk is available for Window 8.1. I don't want to make a movie but like to make the disk to give to my family.

    I have been asking this question to different people and one says yes there is; the other says no there isn't such a thing for Window 8.1.

    Can someone please help me.

    P.S. My Window 7 is currently not able to make my disks and I am crossing my fingers that something is available for my Window 8.1.

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    I would use Movie Maker for that task. You have infinite options to make really nice presentations with music..

    Movie Maker - Microsoft Windows

    Getting started with Windows Movie Maker
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    This link is from my website back in my XP Pro years---

    Autostarting HTML files on CD

    It might still work today with DVDs instead of CDs.

    Making 1 coaster isn't too bad a deal if it doesn't work.

    Most of the stuff on the site is outdated.
    I leave it in place as an historical document.

    edit--- You will need to know something about writing HTML.{4.0}
    I made a CD on my Mother's funeral using my own instructions.
    It turned out nicely.{Pictures & sounds}
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    Here's a link on how to do it with Windows 8.1:

    Burn a DVD-Video disc
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    Window 8.1

    I want to thank everybody for their help with my window 8.1 problem. I appreciate the time taken by all of you to read and answer my thread.
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help with drive for my window 8.1
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