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why this message occurs : the source file names are larger

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    why this message occurs : the source file names are larger

    "The source file name(s) are larger than is supported by the file system. Try moving to a location which has a shorter path name, or try renaming to shorter name(s) before attempting this operation."
    Theoretically with NFTS system 256 characters can be used to name folders & files.
    However I had found the message above as I try to move/delete files from some folders named no more than 10 characters long.
    Every time I try to move/ delete files from such folders the message above comes up.
    I solved by renaming with shorter folder names.
    This post is an attempt to understand what is going on with such folders ? Thanks

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    There is a max path length that it sounds like you are exceeding which is why renaming the folders to shorter names resolves the problem.

    Maximum Path Length Limitation

    In the Windows API (with some exceptions discussed in the following paragraphs), the maximum length for a path is MAX_PATH, which is defined as 260 characters. A local path is structured in the following order: drive letter, colon, backslash, name components separated by backslashes, and a terminating null character. For example, the maximum path on drive D is "D:\some 256-character path string<NUL>" where "<NUL>" represents the invisible terminating null character for the current system codepage. (The characters < > are used here for visual clarity and cannot be part of a valid path string.)
    Naming Files, Paths, and Namespaces (Windows)
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    Yes , I had not noticed that there was a folder (with very long name) inside a folder (again with very long name) on which there were files with very , very long name. The author of the torrent I downloaded probably does not know there is a limit.
    It caused me a serious inconvenience , windows explorer started to behave oddly , I could no longer open , delete , create folders , rename files or folders. I had to reboot the system many times , finally I downloaded NAME FIX 4.0.2 to rename the long name folders. Solved. Thanks.
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    Glad you found a solution.
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    Painstakingly I did , thanks
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    Error Even with Path Length of Only 218 Characters?

    I am running into basically the same problem as the OP. When I was copying a file to another drive, the error message was "Destination Path Too Long" I did a count of the number of characters in the path and it was only 218 characters (with spaces counted). I had read the references that imply a maximum path length available of roughly 260 characters, but I got my error at only 218. In this case, the destination drive is formatted as FAT32. I am guessing that FAT32 does not permit as long a path length as NTFS? I can work around this and will try one of the long path rename tools, but wanted to understand why it flagged a path of only 218 characters. Thanks.
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    Re post #6: I think I have answered my own question. I had copied the path information from the address bar in a File Explorer window. That count gave me the 218 characters I noted above. However, I had not realized that the actual file name itself was not part of the address bar path. When I added in the characters from the actual file name, my character count went up to over 260. I see that I have been rather profligate with my folder and file names, so I shall go back and enforce more discipline on my naming conventions.
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why this message occurs : the source file names are larger
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