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Cannot disable top edge gestures/EdgeUI in Win8.1

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    Cannot disable top edge gestures/EdgeUI in Win8.1


    I've been using 8.1 lately and I quite dislike the gestures and charms, so I disabled as many of them as I could. Unfortunately, there is one gesture which still remains active and I cannot seem to find any guides or information on how to disable it.

    The gesture I'm talking about is the top-edge grabber/pull down gesture which is supposed to be a way to multitask by splitting the monitor, I guess. When I drag down from the top-center of the screen, it splits my monitor in half, snaps a window to the left or right side of the monitor, and makes the opposing half of the monitor into Modern UI. If I drag all the way down, it exits the desktop completely and brings up the Start screen instead.

    I often activate this "feature" by mistake when trying to click/drag to resize windows that are close to the top edge of my screen. I would really like to disable this.

    I have applied all the registry tweaks I know of in order to disable the Charms bar and Hot Corners, but I cannot find any information on the entire top edge "feature."

    The specific gesture I'm talking about can be seen in this video starting at the 1minute mark: How to use touch gestures on Windows 8.1 - YouTube

    Any information on how to disable this would be great, as this gesture is currently about to drive me crazy. Thanks in advance!

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    Have you tried these?

    Disabling Windows 8 Edge Gestures

    As always backup registry before making changes...
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    Yes, I have tried those actually. They did not work for me, but I appreciate the suggestion. I think those reg tweaks may be for Windows 8 only.

    Upon further research, I found that I am able to disable the feature by using an option available in Classic Shell. Although I slightly preferred Start8, I am willing to make the switch and stay with Classic Shell so long as it can disable the nonsense edge gesture.
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    Are these touch screen gestures you're talking about?? The only working gesture on my 8.1 laptop is the top right corner. If there are others, I've never seen them and didn't consciously disable them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MannerRev View Post
    Upon further research, I found that I am able to disable the feature by using an option available in Classic Shell.
    Hi, I assume ClassicShell solved this as long as you are using a mouse, right? I am trying to disabling this when using touch and it's very difficult to do.
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    Using the latest version of the Classic Shell, it is possible to set it to disable ALL Corners.
    I'm pretty sure that many users who would install Classic Shell, don't realize how many settings there are in CS that they can select.
    I always click the box at the top of the "Settings" screen, that says "Show All Settings" and then I click on "Windows 8.1 Settings" and then under "Disable Active Corners" I click on "ALL".

    It's not unusual at all, for someone to install a program and not realize that they need to go into the program's 'Options' and fine tune the program to their own needs.

    Like, AVG 2016 FREE,,,,,,, it will never run a scan, unless someone goes into the Advanced Options>Scans and turns on the Scan function and sets the time for the scans. You'd think that scanning would be a part of the program defaults, but that's not the case.

    Good Luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TechnoMage View Post
    Using the latest version of the Classic Shell, it is possible to set it to disable ALL Corners.
    Yes, and thank you for your reply, but this still does not affect touch swipes. It was one of the first things I tried, now I downloaded the latest version and tried again but no luck.
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Cannot disable top edge gestures/EdgeUI in Win8.1
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