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Thoughts on this model PC

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    jds63 i saw another post by you mentioning ddr4 and some other things but it disappeared - don't know where it went
    i was mentioning the gigabyte x99 ud3p board seems to be the same one as the ud3 but support for faster DDR4 - i doubt that is going to be that much of an issue personally

    overall i think these systems have good bones but were poorly matched
    the 970 nvidia is precisely the card i'd put in there also - but i'll wait til they drop in price i dont need the extra power ATM

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    i agree iw849 , the big box systems are usually application specific designs/end user/low level user/consumer with custom mobo's (many times with poorly sourced components and shorter lifespans) and not very flexible/expandable in most cases

    i would have gladly built but these units are selling for less than component prices at retail so it doesn't pay to build atm unless i had to have the better gpu but the 270 ishould suit me just fine for now - albeit i would have had a much better power supply to start and a better SSD and could have picked any case etc.

    what makes these systems a bit unique - they are more of a systems integrator/builder than the other big box names
    all the parts, mobo, ram, drives, etc are stock retail products with the possible exception of the power supply which is retail in korea but so far i never saw it for sale here, the AZZA case is also retail but the nearest is in canada at present - no usa stock
    overall i think its good bones, if i dont get a lemon and it works ill keep it and aim for a 970 like jds63 did - the other stuff as needed

    the giga mobo was having some usb issues that may or may not be resolved by the latest revision of the bios
    the only semi negative is the 28 pci lanes vs 40 in the 5820k but really the price point is high for something that i well may never use

    most of the reviews sounded like end users w/o enough experience to handle the nuances this hashed together system could/would have
    the other major failures were the power supplies dying either immediately or within a few days of ownership

    thats why i wanted a more advanced users overall opinion after a few months of ownership
    even if i have to buy another power supply and tweak the bios and things i'd still be ahead of the curve over a build it looks like

    thanks for your input much appreciated

    Quote Originally Posted by IW849 View Post
    DDR4? Since when was that a thing for motherboards?

    It won't show me the price so I can't comment on that, but otherwise, yeah, it seems alright.

    Pretty good specifications, but I would just build one if at all possible, or get someone (or a company) to build it to spec'. If you're a gamer, which I presume you are, try not to go too high with one or the other where graphics and the CPU are concerned. An FX-4100 paired up with an ASUS 760 OC, for example, is a crap match. (speaking from unfortunate past experience hah) An i5 4690k is awesome (not just saying that because I have it!) and would, I image, save you money to be used towards a slightly beefier GPU.

    Just be really careful when being these pre-built things. A typical thing I see a lot, is when companies make a computer look fancy (case) but actually have cheap, unreliable parts within. (such as a questionable PSU, low-feature micro-ATX motherboard, basic CPU cooler stunting overclocking potential and potentially causing heating issues, cheap RAM with ample amount, and a low-grade GPU) Might float your boat if you're majorly bargain-hunting and plan to get a better PSU (recommend it) but I would personally just forget it.

    A while back, I couldn't be bothered to build one up again, so I just went with a pre-built; t'was a stupid mistake, and an ill-thought-out one at that. (personally, not generally) I ended up with a "gaming rig" that wasn't even remotely a gaming rig, but a glorified office computer with a basic, silent, "HD-capable" GPU. The RAM was cheap and one DIMM on a board (also basic and if I recall correctly, micro-ATX) that supports 4. -_- Yeah, anyway, point is, be careful, ask the seller for the model numbers of each main part. (PSU, Case, PSU, RAM, GPU, etc) and look them up thoroughly.

    Never rush it like I did. Actually did that twice - was in a large city near me once and spontaneously bought an Acer computer, naively thinking I could just upgrade it, except the case and PSU was utterly crap for upgrading, and the whole thing would've been a complete waste of time, so I sold it on for less than I bought it!) Be smarter than I was. xD Thank God I eventually just said screw it and built a nice rig up, evolved it a bit, then later another, even nicer rig, which I'm currently using.

    Good luck. O7
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    Sorry macguru felt needed to edit post, really not a big difference in speed from DDR3 to DDR4. DDR4 is just newer RAM used on some of boards today. I bought unit for certain reasons and circumstances of credit being used, i can't say i may of made right choice as most would build there own having the knowledge. Although my knowledge is pretty good even to work with whatever i have under any issues i may come across.

    True get best if build your own, most will say you will or could save money, good place to get ideas of how
    Model i did buy can go to there site, there can custom build to what you want in it. So with my knowledge, yes i should have built my own.
    I do play some games so i felt need to upgrade the card and then felt better PSU.
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Thoughts on this model PC
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