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Search all word docs/ppts in a folder for phrasse and link

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    Search all word docs/ppts in a folder for phrasse and link

    How to Search for Text Inside Multiple PDF Files at Once

    Foxitreader lets you search for a phrase in a folder and makes an index of links to exactly in each pdf where the phrase was. Very convenient for finding stuff.

    I was wondering if there was something analogous for microsoft documents that indexed and linked to the exact sentences in word docs, powerpoints, excel sheets etc and brought you to that part of the document in a single click.

    The windows button searching I have found seems to only search titles of documents.

    Google drive will search what is in the documents but won't link me to exactly where in the documents the phrase happened and let me get there in a single click from an outline of all instances.

    I know I could technically convert everything to a pdf and then use foxitreader then. If possible, I'd like to find a better solution but if that is actually the best solution, what is the fastest way to convert say 100 word docs, excel sheets, ppts, to pdfs?

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    In windows explorer, select the directory and click to put the cursor in the search field. In the menu at the top, under "Advanced Options", select "File Contents". Enter the phrase and go.
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Search all word docs/ppts in a folder for phrasse and link
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