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Where can I download the "seguisym.ttf" font package for Windows 8?

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    Where can I download the "seguisym.ttf" font package for Windows 8?

    Do you happen to know where I can download the seguisym.ttf font package for Windows 8? I was downloaded a huge set of fonts I've been collecting over the years, and by accident, they pollutes the Windows 8 font and character symbols set. Now all my arrows and other Metro interface icons are missing, replaced by small rectangular boxes. Help!

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    Its there already.(SegoeUIsym.ttf) However you need to use something like charmap to view it. Alternatively a file manager like 7-zip will show the font file in the Windows\Fonts folder. Explorer will not open the fonts folder as a normal file folder - it opens it in Control Panel instead, hiding many of the system fonts and only showing the basic character set.

    (The segoeUIsym.ttf in Windows 7 has not got the metro tile icons set in it. Perhaps if the Windows 7 file was put in the Windows 8 Fonts folder it would thoroughly trash metro - anyone up for it?)

    That wasn't very helpful was it? Sorry, I should have read the original post properly.

    You need your original install media for windows 8, and something that will open the /sources/install.wim file. I would recommend 7-zip:

    With 7-Zip installed, navigate to /sources/install.wim and right-click it. Select the 7-zip option on the menu, and open the install.wim.

    In the 7-zip file manager navigate to windows\fonts, and find seguisym.ttf.

    Simply drag it to your desktop. You can close 7-zip. Right-click the seguisym.ttf file on the desktop, amd select install, and replace any version that may be there already, and you should be ok.

    I'd reboot, then check out metro.
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    You can rebuild the fonts folder.

    I'm on a Vista PC uke: so I can't be too precise:

    1. Open control panel (in desktop, right-click bottom-left corner of screen)
    2. search for "font settings"
    3. there should be a big button to rebuild fonts.
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Where can I download the "seguisym.ttf" font package for Windows 8?
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