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Computer goes to sleep when I turn the monitor off

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    Computer goes to sleep when I turn the monitor off

    New wrinkle.
    Let's say I have some background programs running, maybe Defrag or somesuch. Maybe I want to keep the computer awake for a TV show I'm recording an hour from now.
    I turn off my monitor and walk away.

    APPARENTLY my computer then enters sleep mode, or some other hybrid power option setting and ALSO disconnects from the internet. When I re-start the monitor, I have no internet connection, SKYPE has to re-connect and the background programs I mentioned have stopped.

    All this from turning the monitor off?


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    Well, when turning a monitor off, there is no activity on the hard drive. Causing it to go into sleep mode to preserve energy. If, you use a battery that is. And yes, that can happen if the monitor is turned off. You shouldn't turn a monitor off if you are doing something. I don't know about the internet problem but I'll look for a solution.
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    Change the power management settings of the wireless card:

    1. Click on ‘Start’ and right click on ‘My Computer’ and click on ‘Manage’.
    2. Click on ‘Device Manager’.
    3. Click the + sign to expand the ‘Network Adapters’ entry.
    4. Right-click the wireless adapter and click ‘Properties’.
    5. Click on 'Power Management'.
    6. Uncheck 'Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power'.
    7. Click on 'Ok'.

    Also, change the power options for the wireless card:

    1. Click 'Start'.
    2. Click 'Control Panel'.
    3. Click 'System and Maintenance'.
    4. Click 'Power Options'.
    5. Click on 'Change Plan settings' depending on the power plan your system is using currently.
    6. Click 'Change advanced power settings'. Balanced [Active] should automatically show in the dropdown box.
    7. Click the + symbol in front of 'Wireless Adapter Settings' to expand the section.
    8. Click the + symbol in front of 'Power Savings Mode' to expand the section.
    9. Select 'Maximum Power Savings' for the 'On Battery' setting.

    10. Click on 'Apply'.
    If you can't find System and Maintenance, do the following:
    1. Click the start menu key or click the lower left corner of you screen(Default for it). AKA The windows start menu.
    2. Type in 'Power Options'
    3. Glide your mouse(On the screen) <--- Don't literally do that. That's not good for your monitor. And to the left of your battery plan, click 'Change Plan Settings'
    4. Once you have clicked that, move your mouse to the 'Change Advanced Power Settings' and click. (Under the 'Adjust plan brightness')
    5. Repeat steps 7-10 on the top.
    Keep me posted if you continue to have problems.
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    is this a desktop or laptop.iam assuming a desktop as that what it says in your system specs should go to sleep just because you turn off the monitor so turning off the monitor has nothing to do with what happens to the computer as far as going into sleep or hibernate mode .if you leave the monitor on and walkaway for awhile it likely will still go to sleep .

    .it sounds to me like the computer is set to hibernate,[deep sleep ]causing programs like Skype or internet i suggest you follow the above info from McPlayer18 to change sleep times or turn off hibernation
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    Thanks MCPlayer fixed it!
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    You're welcome!
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Computer goes to sleep when I turn the monitor off
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