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Computer Repair Under Warranty Question?

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    Computer Repair Under Warranty Question?

    Who has ever sent their computers in for a repair when it's under warranty to the manufacturer's repair center?

    I am having to send mine, because I can't get the shutdown and sleep problem resolved.

    Acer says its a hardware problem.

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    South Coast NSW, Australia
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    I bought an Acer Aspire T310 desktop machine (the first time I'd purchased an Acer product) in early 2006, which had a faulty DVD/CD burner. I contacted the repair centre and they assured me that if i sent it in they'd replace the drive.

    The service centre was (and is) about 80km away, and it so happened that I'd be in that vicinity on business in a few days, so I arranged to drop it off then. I did so, and then went off to conduct other business.

    When I returned several hours later, it was ready, with a new drive fitted, at no cost due to the warranty.

    Obviously in my case I virtually eliminated any chance of damage-in-transit, but I certainly can't complain about the service I received from Acer.

    Interestingly, having owned seven Acers over the years (I currently own three - one desktop and two laptops) that was the only time I've had an issue of any kind, with any of them.

    Needless to say, my next machine will probably also be an Acer.

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    I'd backup all your personal files before you send it off. One of the first things they'll likely do is reset it to factory condition. That will wipe everything off of the drive. You might even want to do that yourself so that non of your personal files are on it.
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    +1 for backing up. As Alphanumeric points out they will most likely do a reinstall back to the original factory setup and your personal data will all be lost.

    Depending on how much user data you have you can copy (don't use the Windows backup) all of the user data to CD/DVD's or to a USB flash drive (or an external hard drive if you have one).
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    My one experience with sending in an Acer laptop was good. Big ditto, ditto on the backing up anything you don't want to lose.
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    Thank y'all for the good advice. I am just a little bit nervous about sending it to a different state. I live in Alabama, and the repair center is in Everhardt, Texas. I am going to start the process today. There is really nothing important on it.
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    I sent an HP Pavilion PC back to HP for service -- and apparently, they wiped the drive and did a complete reimaging.

    So, yeah, be sure to save everything you want from the drive before you send it back.
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    I agree with everything said so far ,because its a sleep issue ,they will definitely be restoring it back to defaults .
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    Well, they better fix the issue instead of doing a system reset. Because, I recently did a reset as they said to do on the phone and it didn't work. The computer costed us almost $1,000 and they want us to pay to ship it to Texas for the repairs. The shipping price should have been free of charge. I feel better now that my local town's posting and shipping center which is known as Goin' Postal of Pell City said it will be safe and secure upon shipping. I don't feel good about the price of shipping though.
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    Many require the owner to ship whatever back for warranty repair at the owners cost. I had a Gigabyte motherboard that went back for warranty repair and I had to pay to ship it to Gigabyte. The same way with warranty replacement of an Intel CPU, I had to pay to ship it to Intel. The only company I've dealt with that paid to ship a unit back for warranty repair was the Juki company, for warranty repair on my wife's sewing machine.
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Computer Repair Under Warranty Question?
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